What is the lead time on delivery for machines?

Our machines are generally ready for shipment within 5-7 business days upon payment being received in full. While freight times vary based on location of delivery, a more accurate lead time can be provided once a quote request is submitted. Typically, for domestic destinations, our machines are capable of arrival in the matter of days or weeks (not months).

Will you cut my part to prove the machine suitability?

No. This practice is common among companies that sell machines on commission, often with a high profit margin. In trying to provide the lowest possible price on a quality machine, we do not pad the price of the machine as would be required for this sort of presales effort. If you need to confirm production of your specific part on a PCNC mill, we suggest contacting one of or PCNC consultants on our Consultants webpage. They can manufacture your part on a PCNC mill for a reasonable fee. The PCNC consultants are independent of Tormach.

Can I see a Tormach machine locally?

We have machines in most states and provinces, as well as on every continent (except Antarctica). Many of our customers are willing to discuss their mill and perhaps even show you their shop. Please fill out the request form on our Mill Demos & Referrals webpage for more information. Tormach does not provide any kickbacks, compensation, or special pricing for these referrals. We build our fan club the old fashion way, through value, quality, and service.

Does Tormach offer financing?

We do not offer any financing ourselves, but we are happy to work with the capital finance company of your choice. Conventional equipment financing is written up as a lease, where you own the machine after the last payment. To learn more, please visit our Lease, Finance, and Resale webpage.

How much does freight shipping cost for machines purchased internationally?

The customer is responsible for locating a freight forwarding company. We can only provide a quotation for delivery to the freight forwarding facility. For assistance on locating a freight forwarding company or speaking with someone who already owns a machine in your country please contact orders@tormach.com.

When I request a quote, am I agreeing to buy the machine?

No, when requesting a quote there is no money exchanged and it is non-binding. The price listed on the quote is valid for 30 days and at anytime you can proceed with the purchasing process or decide you are not going to purchase the machine.