The Tormach Lineup

The Tormach Lineup

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1100M Mill
770M Mill
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Tormach Mills

1100M Mill
770M Mill
PCNC 440


The 1100M is flexible and can rise to the challenge. Multiple work setups, combined with an automatic tool changer (ATC), allow it to be used as a short-run production machine.


The 770M really is built to machine all types of materials. Not only can it get the job done (and the next one and the next one), the 770M can dominate, even in tight spaces.

PCNC 440

A machine that combines all around capability in a compact and affordable package, the PCNC 440 is perfect if you want to do real cutting, but don’t have a lot of space.

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CNC Lathes

34444 15L Slant Pro Lathe with Turret
PN 34444 15L SlantPRO Lathe
15L SlantPro Lathe

Turret Package

A turret system’s low-maintenance approach to turning is enticing for production-level machining, since it combines automation, precision, flexibility, and easier programming.

Gang Turn Package

A gang system offers the most repeatability, with tools that automatically move along the carriage, making it the go-to option when you’re turning small workpieces that require precision.

Quick Change Package

A Quick Change Tool Post provides versatility and flexibility by allowing manual tool changes, which you can do in seconds with a simple lever crank.

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PCNC Surface Grinders

PSG 612 Grinder
PSG 612 Grinder

Semi-Auto Surface Grinder

Built with a cast-iron construction with hand scraped slide ways, the grinders adjustable feeds, speeds, and stroke lengths give you a beautiful surface finish without all the extra work.

Semi-Auto Belt Grinder

With the belt grinder version, you get all the value of automation plus the ability to use standard belts for your grinding needs. It’s compatible with all grinders that have an 80mm nose diameter and standard grinder taper (1 in. per ft.), and a belt size of 1 in. x 42 in.