Brand Ambassadors

Lisa Winter

A roboticist since childhood, Winter has 20-years experience designing and building robots. She’s competed in several robot competitions, including ABC’s BattleBots and being crowned the 2000 Robot Wars Middleweight World Champion. During the day she rapid prototypes for Mattel, and at night she uses her PCNC 1100 (Serial #118) to make all sorts of projects, including her latest BattleBot, Mega Tento.

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Wes Bye

Author of The Electromechanical Arts of Weston Bye and contributing editor to Digital Machinist magazine, Wes knows his way around fabrication machinery. While most of his education on machining has come from working in machine shops while building industrial control systems, Wes thrives when making mechanical projects that have aesthetic value as well. He uses his PCNC 440 to create parts for his various writing endeavors and to create new projects for art competitions.

Caleb Kraft

Caleb Kraft is the Senior Editor at Make: Magazine and a lifelong student of making. Caleb had been tinkering with everything from electronics to sculptures for a number of years, previously with Hackaday and EETimes. Now he plans to take everyone along for the ride through interesting projects and hard-learned lessons, as he learns CNC with his Tormach PCNC 770.

Robert Cowan

Robert started doing DIY projects and machining when he built a pair of audio amplifiers in his garage. He’s a maker in that he enjoys taking on projects using new tools, trying new techniques, or generally making something he hasn’t done before. Robert does machining on his YouTube channel and uses his PCNC 440 to make everything from audio projects to robotics… hoping to eventually create a robot that can rid him of yard work.

John Saunders

John took an interest in CNC machining while living in New York. He fell in love, and quickly started his YouTube channel, NYC CNC. With a self-taught perspective, John has owned four companies that either manufacture products that he sells or use CNC equipment to handle R&D, as well as becoming a host for CNC Training classes. John does all this work with two PCNC 1100s, two PCNC 440s, a 15L Slant-PRO Lathe, and a PSG 612 grinder, and living by the motto: “Just do it, but fail fast and fail cheap.”

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James Hobson, a.k.a. the Hacksmith, is an engineer, inventor, and YouTube celebrity. He focuses on taking fictional items from movies, comic books, and video games and making real working prototypes. James uses his PCNC 440 on his YouTube channel to make exoskeleton components to other awesome superhero gadgets. Using technology to turn fiction into reality for your entertainment is his specialty.

Ray Billings

Ray has gone from being a young fabricator disassembling cars in the front yard to being the founding member of Hardcore Robotics, a team that participates in Robot Wars and ABC’s BattleBots. He wears two hats – during the day he’s a mild-mannered support engineer at Intel Corporation, but by night, he participates in robot combat. Ray uses a PCNC 1100 to help prototype and build (and rebuild) his heavy-weight robots, Tombstone and Last Rites.

Grant Imahara

Grant is an electrical engineer that became involved with the visual effects division of Lucasfilm, Industrial Light and Magic. Since, he’s participated in an array of projects, from Jurassic Park and Star Wars to BattleBots and acting as Mr. Sulu on the Star Trek Continues web series. Grant is best known for his work as part of the build team on the MythBusters television show and his upcoming Netflix series, The White Rabbit Project. He’s using his PCNC 770 to make prototyping easier and faster for all of his personal and professional projects.