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35927-SET - PCNC 440 Power Drawbar

Product Info

35927-SET - PCNC 440 Power Drawbar

PN: 35927-SET

Shipping Weight: 19.5 lbs.

Stock: In Stock

Eliminate the need to hand-tighten your drawbar and install this Power Draw Bar on your PCNC 440 for lightning-fast tool changes with the push of a button.

The power drawbar is designed for use with the Tormach Tooling SystemŪ (TTS), but easily pivots away to allow manual tightening of the drawbar if necessary for conventional R8 tooling.

  • Requires 90 psi Air Supply (FRL unit recommended)
  • Designed for use with Tormach Tooling SystemŪ (TTS) toolholders
  • Multi-stack air-over-air pneumatic cylinder ram actuation
  • Does not load the Spindle Bearings
  • Easily Pivots for Manual drawbar tightening for R8 tooling

The Power Drawbar kit includes pneumatic cylinder assembly stack, drawbar, pneumatic push-button box, and all necessary pneumatic tubing.

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35927 - PCNC 440 Power Drawbar

Power Drawbar for the PCNC 440.


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