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32085 - PCNC 1100 Series 3

32085 - PCNC 1100 Series 3

Tormach 1100 Series 3 Personal CNC ... Read More


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30409 - Manual Oiler - Add $68.00

31374 - Automatic Oiler Kit (230V) - Add $294.00

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30490 - PCNC 1100 Owner's Kit

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Product Info

32085 - PCNC 1100 Series 3

PN: 32085

Shipping Weight: 1350 lbs.

Stock: In Stock

3 Axis CNC mill. Does not include control computer.

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30297 - PCNC 1100 Deluxe Machine Stand w/ Coolant Kit

30297 - PCNC 1100 Deluxe Machine Stand w/ Coolant Kit


Structural Steel framed pedestal with generous trays; keeps chips and coolant contained with backsplash, and includes side guarding and drip channeling. Includes integrated coolant system and table guard.

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PN 30297

31446 - Lifting Bar

31446 - Lifting Bar


Lifting Bar

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30289 - 8" Motorized Rotary Table with 4th Axis Kit

30289 - 8" Motorized Rotary Table with 4th Axis Kit


4th Axis Kit - 8" Table. Recommended for PCNC 1100 mills. Includes Rotary Table, driver module, and integration kit.

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PN 30289

32279 - Automatic Tool Changer for PCNC 1100 Series 3

32279 - Automatic Tool Changer for PCNC 1100 Series 3


TTS Automatic Tool Changer for Tormach PCNC 1100 Series 3

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PN 32279

31706 - PCNC 1100 Power Drawbar

31706 - PCNC 1100 Power Drawbar


PCNC 1100 Power Drawbar

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PN 31706

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What are the dimensions/footprint of the PCNC Mills?
The PCNC 770 with the Deluxe Stand is roughly 61" x 45" x 73" - with the Full Enclosure it is 61" x 53" x 78". The PCNC 1100 with the Deluxe Stand is roughly 80" x 45" x 82" - with the Full Enclosure it is 80" x 54" x 87". Check our Document Library for PDF drawings of the machine dimensions.
Can the PCNC mills be taken apart to move in pieces?
This is certainly possible and quite a few people have done just that. All castings are pinned with precision ground dowel pins to allow disassembly and reassembly while preserving the alignment of components. Nevertheless, you do need to be careful to avoid damaging the precision surfaces. In particular, The PCNC 770 is designed for disassembly into 3 subcomponents. This not only makes lifting more manageable, but allows transport of the mill into smaller spaces, such as basement shops. For more information on the PCNC Moving Kit, visit our PCNC 770 webpage or related blog post.
Why is the PCNC rated for "short run production"?
The reason we mention short run production is that we want people to be realistic about the commercial application of a 1.5 hp mill. If you typically have to make 10,000 parts in a run then you probably need a different machine. The reference to short run production does not imply any limitation in durability or duty cycle. The PCNC mills can be run continuously, 24 hours a day. We know of complex mold making or engraving tasks where our customers are running 16 hour programs. That being said, a PCNC mill can be fitted with several options to boost productivity. These include a pneumatically actuated power draw bar and a 10 position automatic tool changer (ATC).
Are the PCNC mills suitable for commercial work?
Absolutely. Most machines are used in small shops for prototyping and specialty produciton. Quite a few are running continuously in multiple shift operations. The mills get their hardest workout when used as part of a dedicated work cell in a production environment. In this capacity, Tormach machines have been used as dedicated mill/drill machines, plunge EDM electrode mills, or even portable secondary operation stations. System integrators have even used our mills as a custom motion platform for some very unique applications. For examples of Tormach customers using their PCNCs for commercial work, visit our Customer Showcase webpage.
What motion control is used on Tormach PCNC Mills?
Tormach Mills and Lathes alike run on PathPilot - The Next Generation of Tormach Motion Control.
How loud are Tormach PCNC Mills?
There has never been an official decibel reading done on the machines because the sound level we hear may not be the sound level you hear. There are too many factors that determine sound: use of enclosure, material being cut, speeds, feeds, depths of cut, size of room, etc.
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