30790 - Integrated Remote E-stop Kit

30790 - Integrated Remote E-stop Kit

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30785 - E-stop Interface Kit - Add $95.50

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30790 - Integrated Remote E-stop Kit

PN: 30790

Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Stock: In Stock

Adds additional E-stop button to your mill. Includes 10ft of cable; the Remote E-stop can be mounted to your stand, next to your keyboard, or another location as you see fit. . More than one Integrated Remote E-stop can be linked together in series to provide multiple stop locations. This item can be used with the Tormach Duality Lathe or on its own.  Meets Category 0 Stop Function requirements as defined by IEC 60204-1 and NFPA 79.

This device requires that the E-stop Interface Kit (PN 30785) be installed.

(Note: PN 30785 is included with the Duality Lathe)

This product is not compatible with the PCNC 440 or 15L SlantPRO Lathe.

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