30297 - PCNC 1100 Deluxe Machine Stand w/ Coolant Kit

30297 - PCNC 1100 Deluxe Machine Stand w/ Coolant Kit

The PCNC 1100 Deluxe Machine Stand w/ Coolant Kit is a structural steel framed pedestal with generous trays that keeps chips and coolant contained with backsplash, and includes side guarding and drip channeling... Read More


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30297 - PCNC 1100 Deluxe Machine Stand w/ Coolant Kit

PN: 30297

Shipping Weight: 500 lbs.

Stock: In Stock

The Deluxe Machine Stand has been designed to maximize efficiency of your PCNC 1100. Chips and coolant stay contained with its generous tray depth, back and side guarding. The table mounted guard shields in the forward direction, while the integrated coolant system keeps you running at maximum speeds and feeds. Stands are shipped via truck freight. Shown with the PCNC 1100 mill (not included).

  • Drip channeling
  • Full width coolant collection
  • 18 high corner wrapping backsplash
  • Four universal electrical openings
  • Computer cabinet vents
  • Removable table guard with clearance for vise
  • 6.5 gallon integrated coolant tank with coolant pump
  • Chip sieve and catch tray
  • Includes all required plumbing, with flex nozzle and flow control valve
  • Precision-aligned machine mounting pads
  • Computer compartment
  • Storage compartment
  • Adjustable foot pads
  • Easily moved with pallet jack or forklift
  • Access panel for lubrication pump
  • Stainless steel front guard

Deluxe CNC Stand Details

The Deluxe Stand includes an integrated coolant kit with large chip trays and a backsplash surround, as well as a table mounted splash guard. It is suitable for flood coolant and contains the majority of chips and cutting fluids while still providing the versatility of an open-framed machine.

The coolant system is housed in its own cabinet inside the base pedestal. The silver horizontal handle is a pull-out chip collection drawer. The big blue hose drains down to the tank. The pump is on the left of the tank, with a shielded hose running up to the machine action. The tank and tray are welded steel with integrated skim baffles. The coolant pump is 115 VAC.

Opposite the coolant cabinet is another cabinet. This is intended for the control computer. An additional front storage cabinet includes interior shelves for holding small tools.

The stand feet come with extra long studs. When adjusted, a pallet jack can be slid underneath to easily move the machine if it needs to be relocated. This makes it easy to use the machine for secondary operations. Just park it next to whatever VMC that is used for the primary machining.

The Deluxe Stand requires minor assembly. This saves considerably in shipping cost while also making it easier to put the machine on the stand the chip trays can be attached after the machine has been lifted on to the base pedestal. Sealing with a bead of general purpose silicone sealant is strongly encouraged to prevent leaks between the chip trays and pedestal and should be applied to the mating surfaces of the pedestal during initial setup.

The Deluxe Stand includes the base, coolant pump, coolant tank, coolant hose, backsplash and the table mounted guard.

It does NOT include the LCD monitor or machine arm.

Approximate weight of the stand package is 500 lbs. It comes in two crates, banded together

Crate #1: 350 lbs gross 44.5" x 41.3" x 30.4" (L x W x H)

Crate #2: 150 lbs gross 44.9" x 40.0" x 13" (L x W x H)

For USA and Canadian shipments the stands and mills are shipped truck freight while most other accessories are shipped UPS. International shipments other than Canada are consolidated for a single LCL (Less than Container Load) shipment.

*If purchasing a new PCNC 1100 Deluxe Machine Stand to fit an older PCNC 1100, a PCNC 1100 Stud Kit (PN 35468) is also required and sold separately.


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