PCNC 440 Starter Package

PCNC 440 Starter Package

Starter Package for the PCNC 440

Some Assembly Required

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37236 - PCNC 440 Base Machine

The PCNC 440 Base Machine includes CNC mill and owner's kit - PathPilot Control System and other accessories are sold separately


PCNC 440 Owner's Kit*

Machine Owner's Kit includes current equipment manual and operational information.

35686 - PCNC 440 Owner's Kit

35286 - PathPilot Controller

PathPilot Controller for Tormach 1100M, 770M, PCNC 1100 Mill, PCNC 770 Mill, PCNC 440 Mill and 15L Slant-PRO Lathe.


35671 - PCNC 440 Machine Stand

The PCNC 440 Machine Stand is a machine stand for the PCNC 440 CNC mill


35673 - PCNC 440 Chip Pan

Chip Pan Kit for PCNC 440



35605 - PCNC 440 Enclosure Kit

The PCNC 440 Enclosure Kit is an enclosure kit for PCNC 440 CNC mill


38825 - PCNC 440 Enclosure Door Switch Kit

The PCNC 440 Enclosure Door Switch Kit provides an optional safety switch that limits the maximum spindle speed when PCNC 440 enclosure doors are open


Core Options

35927 - PCNC 440 Power Drawbar

The Power Drawbar for the PCNC 440 eliminates the need to hand-tighten your drawbar


35900 - Automatic Tool Changer for PCNC 440

The Automatic Tool Changer for PCNC 440 is an 8-Station TTS Automatic Tool Changer for the Tormach PCNC 440 CNC mill


32329 - ATC Pressure Sensor

The ATC Pressure Sensor is an optional pressure sensor for the ATC and prevents the carousel from actuating during a low air supply pressure condition


Coolant System

35719 - PCNC 440 Flood Coolant Kit

Flood Coolant Kit for PCNC 440


37167 - SmartCool Starter Kit

The Tormach SmartCool Starter Kit includes SmartCool Head Unit, Single Unit Control Module, Mounting Bracket, Control Cables, and Quick Connect Coolant Hose Fitting


37260 - Coolant Hose Bracket Kit for PCNC 440

The Coolant Hose Bracket Kit for PCNC 440 mill is used to relocate the coolant hose mounting bracket to the underside of the spindle head casting


32682 - Fog Buster Spray Coolant Kit

The Fog Buster Spray Coolant System for PCNC Mills is a non-fogging, low pressure sprayer that is ideal for small shop spaces



32309 - Passive Probe Kit

The Passive Probe Kit is an economical probe that quickly and automatically sets work offsets using PathPilotís integrated probing routines


33072 - HAIMER 3D-Sensor New Generation Kit (Metric)

The HAIMER 3D-Sensor New Generation Kit (Metric) features a three-axis, manual indicator for fast and precise locating of edges and surfaces in X, Y, and Z


31993 - Metric Ball Replacement Tip for Haimer Zero Master/ 3D Sensor

4mm Ball Replacement Tip for Haimer Zero Master/ 3D Sensor



35285 - 4" CNC Vise

4" CNC Vise. Compact Vise with replaceable jaw plates, includes bridge clamp set.


35509 - Clamp Kit for 3/8" T-Slots (58 Pcs.)

Steel Clamp Kit for 3/8" T-slots (58 pieces)


Tool Holding

30188 - Manual Operator Set (Inch)

Manual Operator's Set (Inch)


32284 - TTS CNC Operator Set with Tormach Tool Assistant

Tormach Tooling System CNC Operator's Set with Tool Assistant Set



35588 - Cutting Tool Starter Set #1

44 Piece Cutting Tool Starter Set. Includes Drills, HSS End Mills, and Carbide End Mills.


35591 - Cutting Tool Starter Set #2

129 Piece Cutting Tool Starter Set. Includes Drills, Carbide End Mills, and Huot Tool Storage Cabinet.


37377 - End Mill Kit for Aluminum #1

14 Piece Carbide End Mill Kit. Includes Square, Ball and .030" Radius Carbide End Mills with Bright Finish. Recommended for Aluminum machining.


37441 - End Mill Kit for Steel #1

18 Piece Carbide End Mill Kit. Includes Square, Ball and .030" Radius Carbide End Mills with TiAlN Coating. Recommended for Steel machining.


37331 - 1/16" - 1/2 " Jobber Machine Drill SetOn Backorder

High Speed Steel Jobber Machine Drill Set: 1/16 - 1/2 " by 64ths, 29 Pcs.



31386 - Machine Way Oil (1 Gallon)

Machine Way Oil improves sliding performance and reduces wear of machine tool slideways and ball screws


37294 - QualiChem XTREME CUT 251C

QualiChem Xtreme Cut 251C is a premium semi-synthetic coolant that prevents rust and is recommended for aluminum and stainless-steel applications


37289 - DuraKut 9000B Mist Coolant

DuraKut 9000B Mist Coolant is a nontoxic, nonhazardous cutting fluid for use with misting systems such as FogBuster and others


Controller Peripherals

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30615 - Standard LCD Monitor

Standard 17" LCD Monitor; VESA mount compatible.


35575 - Touch Screen Kit

The Touch Screen Kit allows you to Conveniently operate PathPilot through a LCD resistive touch screen


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38437 - Waterproof Mini-Keyboard

The Waterproof Mini-Keyboard is a industrial-rated, compact keyboard with a waterproof, silicone surface


30616 - Jog Shuttle Controller

The Jog Shuttle Controller maximizes productivity with combination control of feed and positioning on all 4 axes (X, Y, Z, and A)


34437 - Cable Kit for Tormach PCNC Mills

Cable Integration Kit for Tormach PCNC Mills (Series 3 and earlier)



35687 - Autodesk Fusion 360 - 1 Year Commercial License

The Autodesk Fusion 360 - 1 Year Commercial License offers an integrated CAD, CAM, rendering, and simulation software package. A 1 year commercial license is included for free with each Tormach CNC machine.


38151 - SprutCAM 11 - PCNC Post only

SprutCAM 11 Master - Tormach Post. Full Featured CAM at an affordable price for PCNC mill and 15L Slant-PRO Lathe owners. OEM version, restricted for use with PCNC mills and 15L Slant-PRO Lathes.


PCNC Serial Number

This product is available to new or existing PCNC owners only.

If you are purchasing your PCNC mill with this product, or have purchased and have not yet received your mill, please enter NEWPCNC in the box below.

Your PCNC Mill purchase will be verified prior to shipping.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your PCNC serial number or these purchasing restrictions.

33337 - G Wizard Machinist Calculator for Tormach

G Wizard is a Powerful Machinist Calculator that's also easy to use. We offer a special lifetime subscription OEM version of G-Wizard for Tormach PCNC owners.



37228 - PCNC 440 Extended Warranty

The PCNC 440 Extended Warranty Provides an extended 12 months of warranty for your PCNC 440 CNC mill


Recommended Addons

32616 - USB M-Code I/O Interface Kit

Integrate 4 separate inputs and/or 4 separate outputs to the PCNC controller using simple M-Code commands with this USB IO module. Kit, minimal assembly required.


Recommended Accessories
Tool Holding End Mill

31821 - TTS Set Screw Holder: 1/2"

TTS-1/2" Set Screw Holder


31820 - TTS Set Screw Holder: 3/8"

TTS-3/8" Set Screw Holder


31819 - TTS Set Screw Holder: 5/16"

TTS-5/16" Set Screw Holder


31818 - TTS Set Screw Holder: 1/4"

TTS-1/4" Set Screw Holder


31824 - TTS Set Screw Holder: 12mm

TTS-12mm Set Screw Holder


31823 - TTS Set Screw Holder: 10mm

TTS-10mm Set Screw Holder


31822 - TTS Set Screw Holder: 6mm

TTS-6mm Set Screw Holder


Tool Holding ER Collet

33266 - TTS ER Collet Holder: ER32

TTS Toolholder for ER32 Collets


31829 - TTS ER Collet Holder: ER20

TTS Toolholder for ER20 Collets


31831 - TTS ER Collet Holder: ER16

The TTS ER Collet Holder: ER16 is a TTS toolholder for ER16 Collets


ER Collet Sets

33291 - ER32 Collet Set (12 Pcs.)

The ER32 Collet Set (12 Pcs.) is a 12 Piece ER32 Collet Set. Covers 3/32", 1/8" - 3/4" by 1/16" increments


30596 - ER20 Collet Set (15 Pcs.)

The ER20 Collet Set (15 Pcs.) is a 15 Piece ER20 Collet Set that covers 1/16" - 1/2", by 1/32" increments


31688 - ER16 Collet Set (22 Pcs.)

The ER16 Collet Set (22 Pcs.) is a 22 Piece ER16 collet set that covers 3/64" - 3/8" by 1/64" increments


Tool Holding Specialty

32447 - TTS Diamond Drag Engraver Kit

The TTS Diamond Drag Engraver Kit is a spring loaded TTS holder and includes a 90 deg diamond bit


35195 - TTS Rotary Broach Kit

TTS Rotary Broach Kit; for use with 8mm shank rotary broaches. Includes 6 metric hex broaches.


32430 - TTS Saw Arbor: 1/2"

The TTS Saw Arbor: 1/2" is a slitting saw arbor is for saws with 0.5" diameter arbor holes


32431 - TTS Saw Arbor: 1"

TTS Slitting Saw Arbor. For saws with 1" diameter arbor holes.


31802 - TTS Machinable Blank

The TTS Machinable Blank allows you to make your own tool holders


Performance Tooling

38258 - TTS SuperFly Cutter Kit

The TTS SuperFly Cutter(TM) includes: fly cutter body, tool bar, two general purpose carbide inserts, two polished carbide inserts for aluminum machining, insert Screw, wrench and anti-seize


Work Holding Vise Accessories

35511 - 4" Parallel Set

4" Steel Parallel Set


35697 - Wavy Parallel Set

4-1/2" Wavy Parallel Set


31760 - Work Stop

Adjustable Work Stop for Tormach 4" & 5" Vises


Machine Shop Essentials

31950 - 1-2-3 Block Set

The 1-2-3 Steel Block Set is precision ground and includes 2 pieces


32894 - Stop-Loc Setup Tool

The Stop-Loc Setup Tool is a handy tool, useful for a variety of metal working setup tasks on a CNC mill or lathe


31955 - Digital Caliper (0-6")

The Digital Caliper (0-6") is a 6" electronic digital caliper


35512 - Digital Micrometer (0-1")

Digital Micrometer


35568 - Steel Rule - 6"

The 6" Steel rule features a double sided 1/64th increment length scale on the front side with a fraction to decimal conversion table on back side


31947 - Basic 3 Piece Indicator Set

The Basic 3 Piece Indicator Set includes Dial Test Indicator, Dial Indicator, and Universal Magnetic Base


31945 - California Air Tools 4610S Air Compressor

The California Air Tools 4610S Air Compressor is an ultra quiet (60dB) oil free compressor; 1.0HP, 4.6 gallon capacity