PCNC 440 Education Package

PCNC 440 Education Package

The small footprint of the PCNC 440 Milling Machine, along with its affordable price, makes it an ideal choice for schools and colleges. For this reason, the technical experts at Tormach have created the PCNC 440 Education Package, which includes all the tools necessary to outfit a classroom. It features the 3-axis mill, stand, full enclosure, cutting tools, workholding components, and other options, which can all be tailored to your school.


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37236 - PCNC 440 Mill

The PCNC 440 Mill is a compact 3-axis CNC mill


PCNC 440 Owner's Kit*

Machine Owner's Kit includes current equipment manual and operational information.

35686 - PCNC 440 Owner's Kit

35286 - PathPilot Controller

PathPilot Controller for Tormach PCNC 1100 Mill, PCNC 770 Mill, PCNC 440 Mill and 15L Slant-PRO Lathe.


35673 - PCNC 440 Chip Pan

Chip Pan Kit for PCNC 440


35671 - PCNC 440 Stand

The PCNC 440 Stand is a heavy-duty steel stand for the PCNC 440 CNC mill - chip and coolant tray not included



35605 - PCNC 440 Enclosure Kit

The PCNC 440 Enclosure Kit is a full machine enclosure for the PCNC 440 CNC mill that increases safety while allowing complete view of operations


38825 - PCNC 440 Enclosure Door Switch Kit

The PCNC 440 Enclosure Door Switch Kit provides an optional safety switch that limits the maximum spindle speed when PCNC 440 enclosure doors are open


Coolant System

35719 - PCNC 440 Flood Coolant Kit

The PCNC 440 Flood Coolant Kit flushes chips and swarf from the cutting zone



35285 - 4 in. CNC Vise

4 in. CNC Vise. Compact Vise with replaceable jaw plates, includes bridge clamp set.


35509 - Clamp Kit for 3/8 in. T-Slots (58 Pcs.)

Steel Clamp Kit for 3/8 in. T-slots (58 pieces)


Tool Holding

32284 - TTS CNC Operator Set with Tormach Tool Assistant

Tormach Tooling System CNC Operator's Set with Tool Assistant Set



35591 - Cutting Tool Starter Set #2On Backorder

129 Piece Cutting Tool Starter Set. Includes Drills, Carbide End Mills, and Huot Tool Storage Cabinet.



31386 - Machine Way Oil (1 Gallon)

Machine Way Oil improves sliding performance and reduces wear of machine tool slideways and ball screws


31750 - Full Synthetic Coolant - 1 Gal.

Full Synthetic Coolant - 1 Gal. Concentrated, makes 20 gallons of coolant.


Controller Peripherals

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35575 - Touch Screen Kit

The Touch Screen Kit allows you to conveniently operate PathPilot through a LCD resistive touch screen


30615 - Standard LCD Monitor

Standard 17 in. LCD Monitor; VESA mount compatible.


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38437 - Waterproof Mini-Keyboard

The Waterproof Mini-Keyboard is a industrial-rated, compact keyboard with a waterproof, silicone surface


30616 - Jog Shuttle Controller

The Jog Shuttle Controller maximizes productivity with combination control of feed and positioning on all 4 axes (X, Y, Z, and A)


34437 - Cable Kit for Tormach PCNC Mills

Cable Integration Kit for Tormach PCNC Mills (Series 3 and earlier)


Machine Shop Essentials

35593 - Essential Metalworking Gauge Kit

The Essential Metalworking Gauge Kit is a 12 piece essential metalworking gauge kit for the beginning machinists