Software Questions


  1. What is CAD/CAM?

    CAD stands for Computer Aided Design - this is where you take your idea and turn it into a solid model / 3D image. CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing - this is where you take your solid model and create the toolpaths that will be utilized by the CNC machine to produce your part.

  2. Where do I go for CAD/CAM help?

    For tutorial videos please visit our SprutCAM America Blog, or send questions to support[at]

  3. Does Tormach support any CAD/CAM Softwares?

    Tormach is a Value-Added Reseller and supports both SprutCAM.

  4. What CAD/CAM software are compatible with PathPilot and Tormach machines?

    CAD systems do not directly interface with the CNC machine, so the only requirement of a CAD system to to be able to output a model in a format your CAM system will be able to use. All CAM system are compatible with a Tormach, as long as they can output industry standard Fanuc style G-code. Though you may need to have a post processor written or modified to being able to fully utilize all the functions PathPilot offers.

  5. Can I upgrade to the newest version of SprutCAM?

    Yes, you can.  If you update within in a year of purchase you are eligible for a discounted rate, otherwise upgrade paths are available for any version you may be running.

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