SmartCool is a programmable coolant system for Tormach CNC milling machines, powered by PathPilot®


SmartCool has three programming modes provide pinpointcontrol of the coolant position:

SmartCool Tool Tip Mode

Tool Tip Mode

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Coolant stream automatically adjusts to target the tool tip of each tool stored in the PathPilot tool table.

SmartCool Z0 Mode

Z0 Mode

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Coolant stream automatically adjusts to maintain constant Z-plane target regardless of tool position.

SmartCool Wiggle Mode

Wiggle Mode

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Coolant stream oscillates to deliver coolant along the entire length of the tool.

Tormach Machinist Jason Pulvermacher discusses the Tormach SmartCool.

Tormach SmartCool Overview


SmartCool can be adapted to work
with three coolant options.


Multi-coolant module allows for both
flood coolant (M7) and mist (M8) coolant support*.

*Requires SmartCool (PN 37167) and Multi-Cool module (PN 37168).


SmartCool FAQs

  1. How Do I program SmartCool™?

    It's Easy. Use G-codes

  2. Which Tormach products work with SmartCool™?

    PCNC 1100™, PCNC 770™, PCNC 440™

  3. Will SmartCool™ work with non-Tormach milling Machines? Will it work with Mach3?

    No, SmartCool™ only works with Tormach mills that are powered by the PathPilot™ control system

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