Tormach Services

Services to help enable all of your ideas.

Tormach Workshops

Workshops provide hands-on learning with everything associated with CNC machining, from CAM to machine control to workholding.


The PCNC Manufacturing Consultants we partner with are independent professionals, who are either machinists or manufacturing engineers.

CAM Services

Our CAM services provide one-on-one answers and hands-on (virtual) assistance when programming parts for machining.

Pre-sales Consult

Purchasing a CNC mill, lathe or grinder can be a big decision, and our machining experts can help you decide what machine is right for your project through a 30 minute phone consultation

On-Site Training

A cost-effective training at your workplace or educational facility taught by a Tormach Certified Professional.

On-Site Machine Installation

Machine installation at your company or educational facility by a Tormach Certified Professional.