Tormach RapidTurn

Tormach RapidTurn Chucker Lathe Accessory

Tormach RapidTurn

Turn Your CNC Mill Into

A CNC Lathe

RapidTurn™ transforms your Tormach PCNC mill into a 5C chucker lathe.

Small ShopSpace-Saver

Save Space

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RapidTurn™ provides real CNC lathe functionality without taking up precious shop floor space. Set-up takes just a few minutes and RapidTurn™ is just as easily stored out of the way when not needed.

Turning and Milling in One Step

One Setup for Turning and Milling

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RapidTurn™ has a manual index plate with a locking pin. Parts can be securely positioned in 15° increments for secondary work with the PCNC’s primary milling spindle, making it ideal for cutting wrench flats or drilling cross holes on turned parts without additional setups.

Small ShopSpace-Saver



A complete suite of accessories are available to help RapidTurn™ tackle almost any small turning job: quick change toolholders, adjustable tailstock, tooling, 3-Jaw chuck, and more.

PathPilot By Tormach

RapidTurn runs on PathPilot®, Tormach’s professional level CNC machine control system. PathPilot’s lathe interface is easy-to-use and easy-to-operate.

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RapidTurn Cutting Video

CNC Machining A Chess Rook With A Tormach RapidTurn™

The Tormach RapidTurn is the newest accessory for the PCNC 1100 and 770 mills. It adds turning capabilities to your current PCNC's.

RapidTurn - CNC Turning For Your Tormach Mill Tormach Inc.


RapidTurn FAQs

  1. Is the QC Motor Connection Kit (PN 35167) required?

    Yes.  You will need to purchase this kit unless you have previously installed it for the High Speed Spindle Kit (PN 35178)

  2. Do I need the RapidTurn™ programming keyset (PN 37174)?

    The Programming key set (PN 37174) is needed for using RapidTurn™ on the PCNC 1100.  It is not needed for the PCNC 770.

  3. Will RapidTurn™ work with Mach3?

    No.  You must have our PathPilot® control system installed to use RapidTurn™.  Click here to learn how to upgrade to PathPilot.

  4. I already purchased Duality Lathe™.  Can I upgrade to the new RapidTurn™?

    Yes.  We recommend purchasing the RapidTurn Upgrade Kit.  You can continue to use the same tooling that came with your original Duality Lathe.

  5. Is there a 4th axis attachment for RapidTurn™?  Can I use it like a 4th Axis?

    No.  RapidTurn™ has a manual index plate for positioning and securely locking work at 15° increments.

  6. What is the recommended tooling to use with RapidTurn™?

    We recommend our 0XA Quick Change Tool Holding System and 3/8” lathe tooling.

  7. What mills is the RapidTurn™ compatible with?

    The RapidTurn™ is compatible with PCNC 1100 and PCNC 770 mills (Series II or Series III). The RapidTurn™ cannot be used with the PCNC 440 or non-Tormach mills.

  8. How do I program the RapidTurn?

    The RapidTurn™ is programmed just like the 15L Slant-PRO lathe and utilizes the same XZ lathe post-processors as the 15L. The RapidTurn™ can also be programmed at the machine via PathPilot’s built in conversational turning interface.

  9. Can I use the RapidTurn’s spindle at the same time as the mill’s spindle?

    No. The RapidTurn uses the mill’s included variable frequency drive (VFD) to run its spindle motor. During turning operation, the mill’s spindle motor is disconnected and inoperable.

  10. Does the RapidTurn fit underneath the Automatic Tool Changer?

    Yes, but the tool changer cannot be operated while using the RapidTurn.

  11. What is the through hole diameter on the RapidTurn?

    It can fit up to a one inch diameter bar.

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