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Tormach Tooling System - Tapping Heads and Collets

CNC tapping on a Tormach PCNC Mill is easily accomplished with the aid of a tapping head (also known as a tapping chuck). Tormach offers 3 styles of tapping heads:

ER Series TTS Tap Holders

These are clutchless low profile Tension/Compression tap holders that use ER20 or ER16 collets for tap retention. These are meant to be dedicated to a single tap and are ATC compatible.

Tormach's Mike Corliss demonstrates the TTS ER 16 Tension Compression Tapping Head and TTS ER 20 Tension Compression Tapping Head. At 1:24 he discusses the speed calibration procedure and why it is important for tapping. At 2:06 he uses the Stop Loc measurement tool, which is used for maintaining consistency between parts.

The Tormach Tap/Drill Chart

Need help selecting the right drill? Try the Tormach Tap/Drill Chart.

  • Includes decimal equivalent tables for Wire, Letter, Fractional, and Metric Drills.
  • Includes Tap drill sizes for cutting and forming taps
  • Includes NPSC pipe thread series

You can download an on screen version here or purchase a laminated one in our online store. Its the perfect addition to any workshop!

Modular Tension/Compression Collet Chuck

A modular system consists of a tapping chuck and a set of quick change collets. Collets can be pre-loaded with taps for quick changeover. The tapping chuck also has an adjustable slip clutch. This system is compatible with the Tormach ATC.

*The Modular Tension/Compression Tapping head and ER series TTS tap holders are not recommended for use with PCNC 1100 Series 1, unless the Spindle Upgrade has been installed. For compatibility with non-Tormach CNC mills, please check with your mill manufacturer.




Not sure which tapping head is the right one for you?

Click here for our guide to selecting a tapping head.


Not sure how to program your tapping head?

Click here for our guide to programming your tapping head.

Procunier TruTAP™ for Tormach® Auto-Reversing Tapping Head

This video describes the basic operation of Procunier's Auto Reversing Tapping Head that was made specifically for Tormach. Several G-code programs are demonstrated, as well as a few different taps, including a 1/4 - 20 Spiral Fluted Tap, 1/4 - Form Tap, 0 - 80 Spiral Pointed Tap.

An industrial, high duty cycle tapping head made exclusively for Tormach and manufactured in the USA by Procunier Safety Chuck Co. This head can not be held in Tormach Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) carousel because it uses a stop collar to engage the reverse gear.

Procunier TruTAP™ for Tormach® Auto-Reversing Tapping Head


Manuals, Technical Documents, Datasheets, Service Bulletins, and Drawing are all available in our Support Documents and Drawings Library.

TTS - Tapping Heads Documents


How to choose a Tapping Head

Consider the Procunier TruTap™ if your application requires any of the following:

Consider either the Modular Tension/Compression Collet Chuck or ER Series TTS Tap Holders if your application requires any of the following:


How to Program a Tapping Head

To program the Procunier TruTap on a PCNC Mill, simply use the M871-M874 programming macros included in the Mach3 control system. Alternatively, the Procunier TruTap can also be programmed with explicit G-code or with the G85 canned cycle for use with other mills or control systems.

To program either the Modular Tension/Compression collet chuck or ER series TTS tap holders, explicit G-code is recommended.

Detailed programming examples for both auto-reversing and tension/compression tapping can be found in the following document:

Last Updated Jul 7, 2015
- Download TD10077: CNC Tapping Guidelines