Passive Probe

About the Passive Probe

The passive probe is suitable for hobby or occassional probing. It is simple in design and uses a normally-closed sensing logic.

Probe Sense Logic Normally Closed
Deviation of tip from ideal sphere

Nominal: 0.118" (3.0mm)
Tolerance: +/-0.0002" (0.005mm)

Swing Arm Return Positon Repeatability +/-0.0005" (0.013mm)
Positional Tolerance of tip +/-0.0005" (0.013mm)
Trigger Force (Nominal at stylus tip) X,Y: 1.6-2.5 oz (45-78 g)
+Z: 20.1 oz (570 g)
Stylus Compatability Compatible with Renishaw M4 Stylus family
Electrical Protection Classification IP 66
Spindle Mount System

10mm shank diameter. Recommended Holders:

  • Low Profile 10mm TTS holder (PN32018)
  • ER Collet Holder with 10mm collet.
Overtravel displacement X,Y: 15° from normal
+Z: 0.1969" (5mm)

PN: 32310
Base Price: $229.00

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