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About Miscellaneous TTS Tools

Looking for a custom TTS solution?  We have several options available:

Our TTS conversion kit can be used with most tools that have a ¾” shank and a shoulder wider than ¾”,
such as face mills, fly cutters and boring heads. Conversion to TTS provides exact Z height repeatability. It allows a tool to be used in the tool offset table of your CNC controller with other TTS tools for consistent and accurate cutting.  Each kit includes one ground TTS conversion ring and 2-part epoxy adhesive.

Our TTS Machinable Blanks have a precision ground shank and TTS collar on one end and a 38mm x 60mm cylinder of machinable steel on the other end. Use these to make your own tool holders, fly cutters, or whatever you like.

We also have collets to adapt your existing R8 or MT3 spindle for TTS, several handy options for tool storage and bench fixture for ER collet tightening.

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