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About Modular Insert Tooling

Tormach’s Modular Insert Tooling is an interchangeable system of carbide insert cutters, cutter heads, and TTS cutter mounts for the ultimate in versatile quick-change cutting tools. With replaceable cutting inserts and a variety of cutter head styles and mating mounts available, machinists can now build a tool custom tailored to their specific milling need.

Carbide inserts offer lower cutting forces, longer tool life, and lower operating costs over solid tooling. Each cutting head uses carbide inserts with modern geometries and is cross-compatible with brand name inserts from Sandvik, Ingersoll, Mitsubishi, and other suppliers.

The TTS modular insert tooling system is composed the following components:

Cutter Heads: Cutter heads are available in a variety of geometries and diameters. Cutter heads have 4mm, 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm studs. Match the stud size of the cutter head to the correct mount size for compatibility.

Mounts: Mounts are specified by both length (Long, Medium, and Short) and cutter head stud size (4mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm). 

Inserts: Each cutter head uses a set of inserts that are matched to the head. Depending on style, inserts can be rotated (or “indexed”) 2 or more times as cutting edges dull to get new edges and additional cutting life. Each cutter head requires from 2-4 inserts, depending on geometry.

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