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Modern carbide insert tooling with interchangeable TTS components lets you create your own custom cutting system.

Tormach’s Modular Insert Tooling is an interchangeable system of carbide inserts, screw-in cutting heads, and TTS arbors for the ultimate in flexible quick-change cutting tools.

Cutting Heads

Face Mills

Face mills are used for surfacing. The increased number of flutes and large cutter diameter allow fast, efficient metal removal in a wide variety of materials. Replaceable carbide inserts can be repositioned as needed to use new cutting edges for economic material removal.

End Mills

End mill cutters are the first choice for general material removal - they can be used for facing, pocketing, and profiling. These end mills use inserts with high positive rake angles for the best of both worlds – high metal removal rates and low cutting forces.

Center-Cutting End Mills

Center-cutting end mills are used for plunge cutting – they can be fed straight into the workpiece in a similar way to a drill. Center-cutting insert geometries are designed to give the best performance combination in both plunging and side cutting, eliminating the need for separate tools and reducing tooling changes.

Toroidal End Mills

Toroidal end mills use round inserts that can be repositioned multiple times for a continuous cutting edge. Round inserts are an inherently strong geometry and are able to withstand higher cutting forces. Toroidal end mills are ideal for both facing and for pocketing, where they can be used to make inside corner fillets.

Ball End Mills

Ball end mills are used for finish 3D contouring and surface shaping. They use a single rounded insert to carve both concave and convex shapes.

TTS Arbors

TTS Arbors

Choose from long, medium, or short threaded TTS Arbors for use with our Modular Cutting Heads.

Mill Inserts

Multi-Purpose Carbide Milling Inserts

Tormach carries has both multi-purpose carbide milling inserts as well as ground and polished inserts for aluminum milling.

Aluminum Milling Inserts

Insert Screws, Replacement Wrenches and Accessories



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