Digitizing Probe

A professional quality digitzing probe featuring sealed active electronics and breakaway ruby stylus.  Can be used for locating, digitizing, and more.

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Electronic Tool Setter

A plug-and-play electronic tool setter that interfaces with your PCNC mill for precision tool height setting.  Also automates with Tormach ATC (Automatic Tool Changer).

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Passive Probe

An affordable touch probe with passive electronics.  Suitable for occassional use and hobby applications.

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Touch Probes and Tool Setter

Tormach’s digitizing touch probes and electronic tool setters interface with your PCNC to simplify precision job setup and measurement.

Tormach PCNC mills come standard with a DIN connection to interface electronic tools like tool setters and touch probes with the controller. We offer several plug-and-play tools that work seamlessly with our PathPilot controller.