Digitizing Probe

About the Digitizing Probe

Tormach offers an electronic Digitizing Probe which enables faster setup of jobs on the machine. The probe is used to set the work offset values corresponding to the position of the work on the table or in the vise. It has a standard TTS (¾") shank and is best used in the ¾" R8 collet (PN 30146). The probe cable has a male 5 pin DIN connector. This connector will join to the auxiliary socket provided on the PCNC operators control panel. The Tormach Digitizing Probe also comes with a sturdy storage case.

NOTE: This product is not compatible with the Tormach PCNC 440. For use with Tormach PCNC mills only.

Probe Sense Logic Normally Open
Ball Diameter

Nominal: 0.118" (3.0mm)
Tolerance: +/-0.0002" (0.005mm)

Deviation of tip from ideal sphere

+/-0.00001" (0.00025mm)

Swing Arm Return Positon Repeatability +/-0.00001" (0.00025mm)
Positional Tolerance of tip +/-0.00001" (0.00025mm)
Trigger Force (Nominal at stylus tip) X,Y: 1.6-2.5 oz (45-78 g)
+Z: 20.1 oz (570 g)
Stylus Compatability Probe is compatible with Renishaw M4 Stylus
Electrical Protection Classification IP 66
Spindle Mount System TTS; 3/4" Shank diameter
Overtravel displacement X,Y: 15° from normal
+Z: 0.1969" (5mm)

PN: 31858
Base Price: $1,259.50

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