Tormach Tooling System - Boring Tools & Saw Arbors

About Boring Tools

Boring is a precision finishing operation that is used to machine accurate inside and outside diameters on holes and cylinder walls.  A complete boring system includes a boring head, boring bar, and arbor mount.

Boring heads are used to accurately position a boring bar via adjustment of the screw dial that offsets the boring bar to the centerline of the boring head.  Our head uses 1/2" boring bars.

Our TTS arbor head adaptor fits to any 7/8-20 UNF boring head as well as other tooling with the 7/8-20 thread. Boring head, carbide boring bar sets, and arbor head adaptor are sold separately.

Our boring bar set includes nine pieces of carbide faced boring bars, with a 1/2" shank.

About Saw Arbors

TTS Slitting Saw arbors are non-keyed.  Two sizes are offered, suitable for mounting slitting saw blades with either 0.5" and 1.0" arbor holes.

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