TTS Fly Cutters

TTS Fly Cutters are the first choice for facing.  Single insert cutters excel at producing excellent surface finish with limited spindle horsepower.  The TTS Superfly Cutter kit using modern insert geometry on a 45° toolbar to maximize material removal rates.

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TTS Tapping Heads

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TTS Touch Probes & Tool Setter

Tormach’s digitizing touch probes and electronic tool setters interface with your PCNC to simplify precision job setup and measurement.

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TTS Set Screw Holders

Set Screw holders are the most economical and popular way to hold mills greater than ¼” in diameter.   Both imperial and metric sizes are available.

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TTS Boring Tools & Saw Arbors

Our boring system is a precision boring head mounted on a TTS stem designed for precision finishing of internal and external diameters.  Our TTS Saw Arbors provide a method for mounting slitting saws.

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TTS Jacobs Taper Tools

TTS Jacobs arbors and chucks are for affordable and convenient tool holding of drills.  Both JT arbors and matching chucks are available.

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TTS ER Collets & Holders

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TTS Modular Insert Tooling

Modern carbide insert tooling with interchangeable TTS components lets you create your own custom cutting system.  Learn more here.

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Tormach Tooling System®

Genuine TTS is the most popular and complete line of tooling for small milling machines - an affordable toolholding system that works with any R8 or MT3 spindle. Our line of TTS includes set screw holders, ER collet holders, modular insert tooling, tapping heads, and arbors for drill chucks and boring heads. The TTS line also includes electronic touch probes and tool setters, Haimer 3D testers, and other quality measurement devices.