Clamps, Hold-Downs, and Fixtures

T-Slot Clamps, T-Nuts, and Fixture Plates

T-Slot Clamps and hold downs are essential items for any CNC workshop. Use these to secure vises, or attach workpieces and fixture plates directly to the table, as well as solve many other workholding problems. Tormach offers a variety of T-slot clamp kits and accessories to fit 5/8" T-slot tables.

5/8” T-Slot Clamp Sets

Our 5/8” T-Slot Clamp Sets include essential hold downs for your small CNC clamp needs, including 5/8” T-Nuts, strap clamps, riser blocks, studs, and flanged nuts. Use these to clamp vises, fixtures, or vacuum tables directly to your mill table.

Specialty 5/8” T-Nuts

Specialty 5/8” T-Nuts are handy tools for part and fixture locating when working with thin and/or large workpieces. Specialty 5/8” T-Nuts are made for:

  • Table Clamps
  • Work Stops
  • Locating/Reference Pins
  • Fixture Pivots

Fixture Plates

Fixture plates are precision machined with locating holes for accurate and repeatable workholding. They can be real timesavers for production and semi-production machining situations.

Workholding - Clamps and Hold-Downs Documents

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