PCNC 770 CNC Mill

3 Axis mill with control software.  Loaded with the features you want: 10,000RPM dynamically balanced R8 spindle, 130IPM motion, Cast Iron and Steel Construction, 1.0HP Sensorless Vector Spindle Drive, P4 precision ground ballscrews, and more.

  • Vector Technology
  • Computer controlled 10000 RPM spindle
  • Precision ground P4 grade ballscrews
  • 26" x 8" Table
  • Provides both manual & automatic operations
  • 12 mos. factory warranty
PCNC 770 CNC Mill
Technical Specifications
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  • PCNC 770: The New Standard for Benchtop CNC Milling Machines

    Tormach developed the PCNC 770 as an alternative to the expensive underpowered benchtop CNC mills typically encountered in R&D, Prototyping. Product Design, Education, Hobby CNC and other non-traditional machine shop environments. Our concept was to create a benchtop mill with power and rigidity to do real work, while still retaining all the important features that make a CNC benchtop milling machine attractive in the first place: small size, portability, and minimal input power.

    Key Features: PCNC 770 Benchtop CNC Mill

    Design Elements: PCNC 770 Benchtop CNC Mill

    Iron and Frame Design

    The PCNC 770 isn't your ordinary benchtop CNC. Instead of extruded aluminum, it's built with a stout cast- iron frame. Each PCNC 770 benchtop CNC mill employs over 650 lbs of cast iron and steel, precisely placed to provide maximum frame rigidity in a size that's not much bigger than a traditional benchtop CNC. This makes the PCNC 770 a perfect choice as a benchtop milling machine.

    Each PCNC 770 features hand-scraped cast iron hydrodynamic sliding dovetailed ways – still the best technology available for withstanding high loads and dampening machining vibrations. All PCNC 770 way surfaces are bonded with low-friction PTFE filled Acetyl co-polymer, then hand scraped by master machine builders. Similar to brand name compounds such as Turcite® or Rulon®, the PTFE filled Acetyl minimizes sliding chatter by virtually eliminating stick/slip friction while also providing superior wear resistance for a lifetime of use.

    Each PCNC 770 milling machine employs hand-fitted tapered gibs. Tapered gibs provide superior accuracy and repeatability compared to the inferior plate and set screw design typically found on other CNC benchtop mills. Ways and gibs are serviced by a 15-point internal oil lubrication system.

    Spindle System

    The PCNC 770 features a robust 10000 RPM 1.0HP spindle powered by a simple, low–maintenance belt driven induction motor. Two belt ratios provide infinite speed control: 175 to 3,250 rpm in the low ratio, and 525 to 10,000 rpm in the high ratio, resulting in a spindle system that is both powerful and nimble at the same time – much more versatile than the underpowered spindles on typical benchtop CNC mill systems.

    State-of-the-art sensorless vector technology from Emerson Control Techniques™ provides the PCNC 770 spindle motor with exceptional speed and torque characteristics unlike any other CNC benchtop mill.

    Each spindle cartridge is dynamically balanced for smooth cutting performance at high speeds – necessary for engraving and light finishing with small diameter cutters

    PCNC 770 mills feature an R8 spindle with a 3 3/8" nose diameter. This isn't an arbitrary design, but the same standard as popularized by Bridgeport-style manual mills. This means the PCNC 770 can be used in combination with the innovative quick-change Tormach Tooling System® (TTS) or any readily available R8 tooling, expanding tooling choices beyond the limited or proprietary small collet systems of other benchtop CNCs.

    Motion System

    Direct-drive Motion is provided by precision ground P4 grade ball screws coupled to high performance polyphase stepper motors powered by microstepping driver technology from Leadshine® - the same system used on our industry leading PCNC 1100 mill for repeatable and accurate motion control. These drive systems not only provide superior torque at cutting speeds, but improved linearity, reduced vibration, and quieter operation when compared to other stepper systems popular today with benchtop CNC manufacturers.

    Options and Accessories: PCNC 770 Benchtop CNC Mill

    The PCNC 770 personal benchtop CNC mill design is modular, meaning each machine is expandable and upgradeable with the latest options and accessories from Tormach.

    Tormach offers the PCNC 770 personal CNC milling machines on an a la carte basis, making it easy to build a truly custom CNC benchtop milling system. All options and accessories are sold separately, allowing you to choose exactly what you want. Options for PCNC 770 benchtop CNC systems include:

    We also offer a complete line of CAD/CAM software and benchtop CNC milling accessories for the PCNC 770, including our Tormach Tooling System® (TTS) - the new standard in affordable toolholders for small CNC mills.

    Support: PCNC 770 Benchtop CNC Mill

    As with all Tormach products, PCNC 770 benchtop mills are backed with Tormach's second-to-none customer care and technical support to ensure your satisfaction. We support your investment with email and phone support from our dedicated support team of machinists and engineers and with our extensive online resources, so you can rest assured that when you choose Tormach, you've made the right choice from day one.

    Learn More: PCNC 770 Benchtop CNC Mill

    Learn more about the engineering behind the Tormach PCNC 770 personal benchtop CNC mills from our Personal CNC Design Analysis whitepaper, or review the manuals, specifications and technical documents below.

    Find out more about Tormach, the latest news and upcoming events, or read the Tormach story to learn more about Tormach's affordable line of PCNC Personal milling machines and start enabling your ideas with Tormach!

    If you prefer something slightly larger than a benchtop CNC milling machine, consider our best-selling Tomach PCNC 1100 personal CNC mill.

    Visit our e-store to select the personal CNC milling machine and accessories that are right for you!

  • Technical Overview

    The PCNC 770 Series 3 was created to address a specific need for engineers, R&D professionals, educators, hobbyists, and specialty manufacturers that wasn't being met by existing benchtop CNC milling machine designs. While most benchtop CNC mills meet the need for a milling machine that is portable and easy to install in a small office or workshop, none have the power and precision necessary to work with real world materials or real world designs. With the PCNC 770, our engineers set out from the beginning to create a new type of benchtop CNC mill – a design that combined all the attractive features of a benchtop CNC mill with the performance of a small Vertical Machine Center (VMC).

    PCNC 770 CNC Mill Design Considerations:

    • Small Size without the Compromise - a real machine tool without the typical compromises of benchtop CNC mills. The PCNC 770 can be moved into nearly any space and requires only basic 120VAC 50/60 Hz line voltage to operate, but has the ability to cut much more than plastic, foam board, and thin aluminum.
    • Affordable Precision – smaller doesn't mean less capable. The PCNC 770 uses the same motion systems as our bigger PCNC 1100 CNC Mill. A stout cast iron frame combined with direct-drive antibacklash ballscrews and a precision microstepping drive system that offers superior performance compared to typical benchtop CNC systems built of extruded aluminum frame components.
    • Adaptable Spindle– a responsive 1.0HP, 10000 RPM R8 spindle offers the speed needed for small endmill finishing while still provides enough torque to cut the materials you use the most: aluminum, plastic, steel, titanium, and even stainless – all without restricting tooling choices to what fits in small diameter collets typical of other benchtop CNC milling systems.
    • Expandable, Modular Design – the ability to add accessories like 4th Axis, Automatic Tool Changer, Power Draw Bar as needed gives the PCNC 770 much more capability than any other Benchtop CNC Mill.
    • Low cost of Ownership – most benchtop CNC mills are more style than substance, with designs that are expensive and difficult to repair without an experienced technician. PCNC 770 is an easy-to-maintain and affordable to run benchtop CNC that's at home in both R&D labs and small manufacturing shops.

    New Features: PCNC 770 Series 3 CNC Mill

    For the PCNC 770 Series 3, we introduced a completely revamped axis motion system that combines high performance polyphase motors with state-of-the-art Leadshine® microstepping drive electronics. As a result, the PCNC 770 Series 3 CNC Mill provides increased torque at cutting speeds, faster motion maximums, and ultra-quiet performance over previous generations of Tormach CNC Milling machines.

    Polyphase Motion Provides:

    • Increased maximum motion speeds
    • Significant Improved Torque at Cutting Speeds
    • Lower Noise
    • Improved Accuracy
    • Improved Linearity
    • Reduced Vibration

    For more information about the benefits of polyphase motion, refer to our ED10223: Series 3 Design Analysis Whitepaper

    Additional New Feature: PCNC 770 Series 3 CNC Mill

    New Paint Formulation:

    PCNC 770 personal CNC milling machines are now painted with a long lasting 2-part acrylic alkyd-amino resin system that adheres tightly and is resistant to most cutting fluids and oils.

    Technical Specifications: PCNC 770 Series 3 CNC Mill

    Key Dimensions/Weight
    Table Size: 26" x 8"
    Table Slots: 3 Slots 5/8"
    Travel: 14" x 7.5" x 13.25" (X,Y,Z)
    Spindle Nose to Table: 14.8" maximum
    Spindle Center to Column: 8 5/8"
    Spindle Nose Diameter: 3 3/8"
    Shipping Dimensions: 42" x 45" x 49"
    Weight: 662 lbs net / 800 lbs gross (excludes stand)
    Max Workpiece : 400 lbs Maximum
    Power Requirements:
    • 115 VAC 50/60 Hz single phase (primary). 20A breaker recommended
    Frame and Table Cast iron frame and table, with hand scraped hydrodynamic ways and tapered adjustment gibs
    Way Surfaces Low friction PTFE-filled acetyl bonded sliding surface. Similar to Rulon® and Turcite®
    Spindle Taper: R8
    Spindle Construction: Dynamically balanced cartridge with spindle lock
    Spindle Drive: Emerson Control Techniques™ Sensorless Vector Technology
    Spindle Power: 1.0 hp Brushless AC 3-phase Induction Motor,
    Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (VPI)Windings
    Spindle Speed: 175 to 10000 RPM
    Transmission: Gates Polyflex® V-Belt Drive, 2 ratios
    Feed Rate: 135 IPM (X,Y)
    110 IPM (Z)
    Axis Drives: High Performance Polyphase Stepper
    Motors with Leadshine® Microstepping
    Drivers - Learn More

    Ground P4 Ball Screw with anti-backlash double ball nut

    • Incremental Error: <.0006"/ft
    • Cumulative Error: <.0008" at 35"
    Operator Console Complete spindle control, plus
    • Spindle Lock-Out Key
    • Coolant On/Off/Auto
    (sold separately)

    PathPilot™ by Tormach

    Additional Control Features
    Maintenance Capacities
    Coolant/Oiler Capacity: Complete spindle control, plus

    7 gallons

    Auto Oiler Capacity:

    2.1 quarts

    Manual Oiler Capacity:

    0.25 quarts

    Learn More...

    How does the PCNC 770 compare to our best selling PCNC 1100 CNC Mill? Read our detailed comparison analysis: TD10020: PCNC Mill Comparison

    Review the PCNC 770 options or CNC mill packages, and visit our e-store to select the personal CNC milling machine and accessories that are right for you.

    Find out more about Tormach, the latest news and upcoming events, or read the Tormach story to learn more about Tormach's affordable personal CNC milling machines and start enabling your ideas with Tormach!

    Learn about Tormach's complete line of CNC milling machines and accessories, including the Tormach PCNC 1100, our popular small CNC milling platform.

  • Videos

    • Conversational Programming in Tormach's PathPilot

      Conversational Programming in Tormach's PathPilot

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    • Tormach PCNC Unboxing (770 and 1100)

      Tormach PCNC Unboxing (770 and 1100)

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    • Cutting Your First Part on a Tormach Mill

      Cutting Your First Part on a Tormach Mill

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  • PCNC 770 - Mill Documents

  • PCNC Mills FAQs

    1. What are the dimensions/footprint of the PCNC Mills?

      The PCNC 770 with the Deluxe Stand is roughly 61" x 45" x 73" - with the Full Enclosure it is 61" x 53" x 78". The PCNC 1100 with the Deluxe Stand is roughly 80" x 45" x 82" - with the Full Enclosure it is 80" x 54" x 87". Check our Document Library for PDF drawings of the machine dimensions.

    2. Can the PCNC mills be taken apart to move in pieces?

      This is certainly possible and quite a few people have done just that. All castings are pinned with precision ground dowel pins to allow disassembly and reassembly while preserving the alignment of components. Nevertheless, you do need to be careful to avoid damaging the precision surfaces. In particular, The PCNC 770 is designed for disassembly into 3 subcomponents. This not only makes lifting more manageable, but allows transport of the mill into smaller spaces, such as basement shops. For more information on the PCNC Moving Kit, visit our PCNC 770 webpage or related blog post.

    3. Why is the PCNC rated for "short run production"?

      The reason we mention short run production is that we want people to be realistic about the commercial application of a 1.5 hp mill. If you typically have to make 10,000 parts in a run then you probably need a different machine. The reference to short run production does not imply any limitation in durability or duty cycle. The PCNC mills can be run continuously, 24 hours a day. We know of complex mold making or engraving tasks where our customers are running 16 hour programs. That being said, a PCNC mill can be fitted with several options to boost productivity. These include a pneumatically actuated power draw bar and a 10 position automatic tool changer (ATC).

    4. Are the PCNC mills suitable for commercial work?

      Absolutely. Most machines are used in small shops for prototyping and specialty produciton. Quite a few are running continuously in multiple shift operations. The mills get their hardest workout when used as part of a dedicated work cell in a production environment. In this capacity, Tormach machines have been used as dedicated mill/drill machines, plunge EDM electrode mills, or even portable secondary operation stations. System integrators have even used our mills as a custom motion platform for some very unique applications. For examples of Tormach customers using their PCNCs for commercial work, visit our Customer Showcase webpage.

    5. What motion control is used on Tormach PCNC Mills?

      Tormach Mills and Lathes alike run on PathPilot - The Next Generation of Tormach Motion Control.

    6. How loud are Tormach PCNC Mills?

      There has never been an official decibel reading done on the machines because the sound level we hear may not be the sound level you hear. There are too many factors that determine sound: use of enclosure, material being cut, speeds, feeds, depths of cut, size of room, etc.

    7. Additional Questions?

      For General Tormach FAQs, click here.

      For General Sales/Shipping FAQs, click here.

      For General Technical Support FAQs, click here.


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