Personal CNC 770 Mill

The PCNC 770 is designed from the ground up for maximum versatility in a small CNC mill. It's designed for the materials you cut the most: aluminum, light metals, and plastic, but with enough horsepower to tackle the harder stuff when needed. With a space-saving footprint, exclusive knock- down design, and basic household 115VAC power requirement, the PCNC 770 is the most versatile small mill available today and a perfect fit, no matter what size your shop is.

A New Type of Benchtop CNC Mill

The PCNC 770 has the power and precision necessary to work with real world materials or real world designs but is portable and easy to install in a small office or workshop.

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PCNC 770 Packages

With Tormach it is possible to build your CNC shop any way you like! Our packages are a few examples of how you can configure your PCNC 770 and accessories to work for you. Using our shopping cart, you can add or subtract items from the packages to create your own custom equipment list.

Tormach's PCNC 770 features a top spindle speed of 10,000 RPM while running on standard household power (120 VAC). This demonstration shows the mill cutting 6061 aluminum.

Tormach PCNC 770 Cutting Aluminum

PCNC 770 with Enclosure

PCNC 770 Options

When it comes to customizing your PCNC mill Tormach leads the way in available options. Build the perfect cnc machine for your particular need with a wide array of PCNC mill upgrades and add-ons. From enclosures to ATC’s and Power Drawbars, get the options you need for your shop.

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