Spindle Load Meter

About the Spindle Load Meter

The Load Meter offers a way to visually monitor spindle load. The load meter provides the machine operator with a way to visually:

  • Indicate when the drive is approaching overload condition (Needle Gauge)
  • Indicate when spindle is spinning (Spindle On LED)
  • Indicate when drive has faulted (Fault LED).

Here are several common applications for the Spindle Load Meter

  • Monitor Tool Wear. For a given tool cutting with the same conditions, an increase in load over time can be a sign of tool wear and indicate that it is time to re-sharpen or change tools.
  • Identify troublesome areas in programs and fine tune programs to maximize usage of spindle horsepower and minimize machining time. The load meter can be used to identify areas in your program where it may be necessary to change cutting conditions (e.g., reduce feed rate, reduce depth of cut, change tool geometry, etc.) to avoid overload conditions. Extended operation in an overloaded condition increases spindle drive system wear and tear. It also increases the chances of breaking a cutter or causing a thermal fault on the spindle drive.
  • Troubleshoot abnormal drive behavior. An unexpected drive fault may indicate a need for repair or replacement of drive systems components.  

This upgrade is not compatible with PCNC 1100 Series 1, unless a Spindle Drive Upgrade Kit has been previously installed.

Upgrades - Spindle Load Meter Documents

  • Manuals

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  • Datasheets
    03/05/12 - DS10110: Datasheet on PCNC Options (553 kb)
    Datasheet on PCNC Options: Spindle Load Meter, Automatic Oiler, and BT30 Spindle Cartridge

  • Technical Documents
    09/24/15 - TD10140: Load Meter Installation (657 kb)
    This document details installation and use of the Load Meter on a PCNC 1100 or PCNC 770 mill.

  • Drawings

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