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SprutCAM for PCNC

About SprutCAM
SprutCAM Features
  • About SprutCAM

    SputCAM is Serious CAM, Exceptional Value

    SprutCAM is a powerful 3D CAM software package for interactive multi-axis tool path design, offering premium features at an affordable price. With over 30 unique machining strategies, 4-axis programming support, advanced tool path simulation, and more. SprutCAM gives you the programming power to realize the full potential of your PCNC mill.

    SprutCAM is the perfect match for your PCNC mill.

    Tormach is pleased to offer exclusive pricing to PCNC owners for SprutCAM. This special discounted pricing is available as part of our partnership agreement with Sprut Technologies and provides PCNC owners with the complete power of SprutCAM's sophisticated multi-axis toolpath design tools at wholesale cost.

    SprutCAM Support Center

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    Tormach's Value Added Support – Ensuring your Success with SprutCAM

    SprutCAM for PCNC is incredibly powerful programming software available at a fraction of the cost of comparable CAM packages in the marketplace. Tormach is a fully-authorized distributor of SprutCAM and dedicated to helping you get the most from your CAM investment. Our dedicated and experienced in-house SprutCAM support team provides support for our customers through a number of no-cost resources, including online tutorials and videos, email and phone support, and remote assistance via a computer/computer connection (extended support only).

    A 1-year subscription to our standard Technical Support Program is included with your initial purchase of SprutCAM. Our support team is located at our head office in Waunakee, WI. Support is available to assist you during business hours by phone or email, Monday-Friday 8AM to 5PM Central time.

    To learn more about the specific features of SprutCAM, visit Sprut Technology's North American Partner site, SprutCAM America.

  • SprutCAM for PCNC Features include:

    Advanced Toolpath Design

    SprutCAM's graphically-driven tool path generation interface is designed for ease and speed. It employs an advanced 3D feature recognition capability that locates prominent geometries in imported CAD solid models such as holes, pockets, and perimeters

    Machining operations in SprutCAM are organized in a hierarchical structure that contains a "tree" type list of operations. Each machining process can include an unlimited number of operations that can be easily added, subtracted, or rearranged because of SprutCAM's highly configurable parametric process definitions.

    Indexing and Continuous 4th-Axis Programming

    SprutCAM can generate tool paths for both indexing and continuous 4th-axis programming, allowing you to create complex part programs for applications such as keyways, helical gears, and 360 degree part machining without the need to flip and re-fixture parts.

    Lathe Module

    Included with SprutCAM is a powerful lathe module for programming roughing, finishing, parting, facing, grooving, threading, and drilling operations.

    Parameterized Cutting Tool Definition

    SprutCAM supports 15 different cutting tool geometries, each fully customizable with its own list of parameters. Once a tool is parametrically defined (# of flutes, diameter, tip shape, etc.) it can be saved in a library for future use in other projects.

    Advanced Simulation Environment

    SprutCAM provides a 3D interactive simulation of the tool path that allows you to rotate and observe the programs from multiple viewpoints. Additionally, SprutCAM can identify potential problems with tool paths by comparing simulation results with a CAD model of the actual part and detect collisions with the toolholders and workholding fixtures.

    Customized Design Options

    SprutCAM incorporates a number of advanced programming strategies. These include parameterized lead-in/ lead-out for tool entry and exit, multiple tool plunging options, helical machining, ramping, inside and outside corner smoothing, and much more.

    CAD Compatibility

    SprutCAM can import a many of the most commonly encountered 3D CAD formats, including IGES, Parasolid, Rhino, and Postscript. It can also import 2D CAD drawings in DXF formats and includes a 2D CAD utility for drawing and editing. SprutCAM also has add-ins for direct export from Solidworks.

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