Polyphase Axis Motors with Leadshine Drivers

Upgrade Requirements
  • Polyphase axis motors with state-of-the-art driver technology from Leadshine(R) provide increased torque, faster speeds, and ultra-quiet performance.

    • Increased maximum motion speeds
    • Significant Improved Torque at Cutting Speeds
    • Lower Noise
    • Reduced Vibration
    • Improved Accuracy
    • Improved Linearity

    This upgrade is standard on PCNC Series 3 mills.

    About Leadshine & Tormach

    Leadshine is a worldwide leader in motion control components for industrial applications. Leadshine products are featured in thousands of applications, including industrial robots and laser systems, medical devices, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Leadshine's manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 certified.

    Tormach engineering selected Leadshine’s 3-phase microstepping drivers with pure sinusoidal current control technology for the Series 3 motion system after our independent benchmark testing revealed significant improvements in torque, positional linearity, accuracy, vibration, and reliability. Our testing clearly demonstrated that the Leadshine drives were best-in-class in all aspects relevant to motion application on the PCNC series of milling machines.

    The partnership with Leadshine began with several face-to-face meetings, both at Leadshine's impressive manufacturing facility in Shenzen, PRC, and at Tormach's engineering center in Wisconsin, USA. This resulted in a collaborative development effort between Tormach and Leadshine to create a driver specifically designed for the PCNC mill. This driver technology is standard equipment on our PCNC Series 3 mills.

  • Series 3 Upgrade Requirements

Upgrades - 3-Phase Axis Motors with Leadshine Drivers Documents

  • Manuals

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  • Datasheets
    03/19/12 - DS10107: Polyphase Axis Motor/Driver Upgrade Kit Datasheet (351 kb)
    Datasheet for Polyphase axis motor/driver upgrade kit for Series 2 PCNC mills

  • Technical Documents
    03/01/16 - TD10154: PCNC Series 3 Upgrade (4140 kb)
    This document details installation of the PCNC 1100 series 3 upgrade.

    03/01/16 - TD10173: Drive Replacement Installation (822 kb)
    This document details axis drive replacement on a PCNC 1100 or PCNC 770 mill and 4th Axis drive installation on a PCNC 1100 or PCNC 770 mill.

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