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The Tormach
PCNC 440

Real CNC For
Shops of Any Size


Powered by PATHPILOT™


PathPilot is the next generation control platform for Tormach CNC products, featuring professional-level machine control with an intuitive operator interface.




This machine includes a 1 year commercial subscription to Autodesk Fusion 360™ Learn more at tormach.com/autodesk

  • PCNC 440 "Quick Pick" Packages
  • Packages Starting at $6995
  • Preconfigured PCNC 440 packages. These packages include all the products you need to get started with special bundle pricing.
  • PCNC 440 with Stand
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  • PCNC 440 "Build Your Own" Package
  • Base Price Starting at $4950
  • Pick and choose only those items you want. This customizable package can be configured to your particular needs. Don't need a stand? Simply remove it from your cart. Its that easy!
  • PCNC 440 Deluxe Package w/Stand
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Tormach's latest addition to the PCNC family, the PCNC 440.

The Next Step in Real Machining

A machine that fits all-around capability in a compact and affordable package, the PCNC 440 is perfect for anybody that wants to do real cutting, but doesn’t have a lot of space.

  • As a company, Tormach has always made strides to enable the ideas of our customers, and this new machine lowers the bar for entry into making real parts from real materials.

    PCNC 440 Walkthrough

  • This demonstration shows the PCNC 440 cutting 6016-T6 Aluminum and Hardened 4140 Steel for some upcoming projects.

    Tormach PCNC 440 Cutting Demonstration: Steel and Aluminum

x Cast Iron Frame and Table
x Dovetail Ways
x Ball Screws
x 10,000 RPM R8 Spindle
x 10” x 6.25” x 10” Work Envelope
x Full Enclosure
x Power Drawbar
x Deluxe Cabinet Stand
x Flood Coolant
x Automatic Tool Changer
  In Development
x 4th Axis



  1. What are the dimensions/footprint of the PCNC 440?

    The PCNC 440 has a footprint of 40” x 32” x 42” (X x Y x Z) – this is not including the stand (full enclosure does not change the footprint).

  2. What materials can the PCNC 440 cut?

    It can cut aluminum, steel, titanium, as well as plastics, composites, wood, and PCB boards. Anything our other mills can cut.

  3. What accessories are compatible with this machine?

    Many accessories that are available for our two larger mills (PCNC 1100 & PCNC 770) are compatible with the PCNC 440, as well. Like our other mills, the PCNC 440 utilizes our TTS tooling system.  Some exclusions are the larger vises, high speed spindle attachments, injection molder, current 4th axis tables, tool setter, load meter, automatic oiler, and active/digital probes (probes may be available in the future).

  4. What control system is used to run the PCNC 440?

    The PCNC 440 is controlled by PathPilot™, Tormach’s control system, used on every PCNC mill. PathPilot™ easily interfaces with most popular CAD/CAM systems but includes onboard conversational programming that can create CNC programs at the machine without the need for a CAD/CAM system.

  5. Is there a spec sheet?

    To view the spec sheet, click here.

  6. Can I customize my package?

    To purchase a custom package, use the PCNC 440 "Build Your Own" Package. This package can be modified to meet your specific needs. Items can be added and subtracted from the package, as you see fit.

  7. When will additional accessories be available?

    Power Drawbar:

    Now Available! Click here to buy now.


    Now Available! Click here to buy now. 

    4th Axis:

    We are currently developing the PCNC 440 4th Axis but it is too preliminary to estimate an expected availability date. For additional updates, subscribe to our newsletter.

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