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Previous Mill Models

Previous Mill Models Overview

Tormach continues to support earlier model equipment with documentation, software downloads, parts, and technical advice.

Although not always possible, we make every effort to insure that new accessories are compatible to earlier generation machines. As an example of this, the patented Duality Lathe will integrate with any PCNC 1100, from the current production all the way back to the very first machine.

In some situations the use of a new accessory may require updating the operating software. For example, the Jog Shuttle Controller will work with all machines, but the earlier mills need to upgrade to the M3 version of the control software. This is a free upgrade, available for download from our website.

We also try to make upgrade kits and retrofits available for earlier models as we develop advanced features and functionality. In certain situations an accessory may require an upgrade. As an example, the optional spindle Load Meter works on all PCNC 1100 mills, but any machine with serial #1-1325 requires the Spindle Drive Upgrade Kit to be installed. We will be happy to answer questions about the compatibility between machines and accessories, just Contact Us making sure to include your serial number and software version. For your serial number just check the nameplate on the right side of the electrical cabinet. On older mill models that have the cabinet mounted to the left, your serial number will be on the left side of the electrical cabinet.

Tormach archives all previous mill model documents as well. Please see our Support Documents page for a list of previous mill model documents. If you cannot find the document you are looking for, please Contact Us for more information.

Previous Mill Models Documents