Tormach Pre-sales Consultation


Purchasing a CNC mill, lathe or grinder can be a big decision, and our machining experts can help you decide what machine is right for your project through a 30 minute phone consultation – whether you’re expanding on a hobby or starting a job shop.

To make the most of your half-hour appointment, please:

  • Request a quote: Quotes can always be changed, but taking this step will give our experts a starting point for your appointment.
    If the purpose of your consultation is to provide guidance in selecting a machine, than this step may be skipped, however, please provide as much information as possible in the remainder of the form for our staff to better guide you.
  • Fill out the below form with clear, concise answers: The more details you can give us, the better our experts can prepare for your meeting.
  • Give us a time you’re available: We want to make sure we can reach you when it’s a good time for you, so having a general idea of what afternoon or morning you’re available is helpful.
    Pre-Sales Consultations are scheduled Monday – Thursday between 8am and 5pm CST.

Please Note: Pre-Sales Consultations are scheduled Monday - Thursday between 8am and 5pm CST.

Which machine(s) are you interested in?
1100M770MPCNC44015L Slant-PRO LathePSG 612 Grinder

With 1 being a beginner and 5 an expert, how would you rate your knowledge and experience in the following areas?

Machining/ Metalworking Experience Level (required)

CNC Experience Level (required)

CAD/CAM Experience Level (required)

Specific areas you would like to discuss:
4th AxisCutting ToolsATC/Power DrawbarCAD/CAM, SprutCAM, SoftwareLathe Turret &/or ToolingTraining OptionsOther

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