Tormach Pre-Sales Consultation


Purchasing a CNC mill, lathe or grinder can be a big decision, and our machining experts can help you decide what machine is right for your project through a 30 minute phone consultation – whether you’re expanding on a hobby or starting a job shop.

To Get The Most Out Of Your Appointment
  • Request a quote: Quotes can always be changed, but taking this step will give our experts a starting point for your appointment.
    If the purpose of your consultation is to provide guidance in selecting a machine, than this step may be skipped, however, please provide as much information as possible in the remainder of the form for our staff to better guide you.
  • Fill out the form with clear, concise answers: The more details you can give us, the better our experts can prepare for your meeting.
  • Give us a time you’re available: We want to make sure we can reach you when it’s a good time for you, so having a general idea of what afternoon or morning you’re available is helpful.
    Pre-Sales Consultations are scheduled Monday – Friday between 10am and 4pm CST.