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The PathPilot®Advantage:

  • Easy to use. With a click of the mouse, you can do common tasks like referencing axes, setting work and tool offsets, and adjusting feed rates.
  • Upgradeable. We’re constantly adding new features and providing software upgrades.
  • Advanced Graphics. PathPilot’s tab system displays everything you need to see clearly to get the job done while advanced graphics display job progress in real time.
  • Conversational Programming. You can program basic parts at the machine without CAD or CAM.
  • Expert Support. PathPilot was designed for Tormach machines and is exclusive to us. We provide no-cost, in-house technical support by experts who have hands-on experience to talk you through any issues.
  • Additional Resources. A library of tutorials and online videos empowering you to learn at your own pace.

See All Features of PathPilot v2.0

  • Reliable, real-time Linux operating system under the hood
  • Compatible with ISO-standard, Fanuc G-code
  • Shop-floor programming allows for easy:
    • Engraving, facing, drilling and tapping, pocketing, profiling, serialization, and threadmilling
    • Assembly of multiple routines, including mixing CAM G-code with conversational G-code
  • Inch or metric programming
  • 4-axis continuous machining
  • 100 percent, U.S.-based, free support from expert technical support staff at Tormach
  • Free upgrades and continual feature development
  • User-friendly design
  • Tutorial videos
  • Comprehensive instructional material
  • 40 GB of program memory
  • File syncing from CAD/CAM design workstations using Dropbox
  • Expanded functionality through accessories and features such as CNC scanner, height gage, SmartCool, USB I/O port
  • Tool path simulation with extent checking and jump-to-location navigation in G-code
  • Mid-program restart
  • Automated probing routines
  • User-defined macros
  • 3D-smoothing through the G64 CV mode, which accepts blend tolerance
  • Cutter wear compensation support through G41 and G42
  • Subroutine programming support
  • External automation interface through a 4-input, 4-output expansion accessory
  • 1000 blocks of look-ahead

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