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IntroducingPathPilot By Tormach
PathPilot By Tormach

Next Generation
of Tormach
Motion Control

The Next Generation of Tormach Motion Control

PathPilot By Tormach

Professional Level Machine Control

Robust G-code interpreter and trajectory planner. Real-time signal generation. Network compatible.

PathPilot By Tormach

Intuitive Operator Interface

Simple and elegant buttons. Clear and concise functional group layouts. Touchscreen friendly.

PathPilot By Tormach

On-board Conversational Programming

Easy-to-use graphical programming screens for pockets, profiles, hole-making, engraving, and more.

To learn more about PathPilot, view one of the recorded PathPilot Webinars and Q&A sessions with the Tormach PathPilot development team. Check back here for more information as it becomes available or sign up for the Tormach Newsletter to receive official news and announcements.

Purchase your PathPilot Controller from link below.

Already own a Tormach Machine Controller? Check out our PathPilot Upgrade Options.

PathPilot Software Center

The PathPilot Software Center is available for users to track and place bug reports and feature requests. In addition, all PathPilot related documentation, future software updates and release notes will be available for download in the software center.

Visit the PathPilot Software Center

PathPilot FAQs

  1. Should I convert my Tormach mill controller to PathPilot?

    We think the majority of people will want to convert. Those people who have created a custom or personalized Mach3 interface may have reason to remain with the legacy Mach3 control.

  2. Should I convert my Tormach lathe controller to PathPilot?

    Your Tormach lathe controller is essentially already a PathPilot. The next time we release new lathe software you’ll find that by updating your lathe controller it will be transformed into the official release version of PathPilot. All it’s missing is the PathPilot logo label. We can send you one if you like.

  3. Is it easy to update PathPilot to the current release?

    The PathPilot system is easy and painless to update. Anyone using in the program will be able to update their controller by visiting the PathPilot Software Center.

  4. What’s the single best reason to switch to PathPilot?

    With PathPilot you’ll be on track with a well-supported controller, and one that is engineered by the same people who designed your machine. PathPilot is a development of the Tormach. Tormach will address any bugs found and we will continually be working on improving features, functions, and usability. This is a significant contrast to our original control since the authors of Mach3 announced several years ago that there would be no more updates or improvements.

  5. What features will I gain with the switch to PathPilot?

    The advantages of PathPilot are extensive so for more details please review our PathPilot white paper on the development of PathPilot. Some of the new features include the user interface design, improved motion control, improved conversational routines, more dependable operating system, and integrated offline tool height measurement.

  6. How much does PathPilot cost?

    Tormach has invested thousands of man hours into the development and we believe PathPilot is worth a great deal. Nevertheless, at this time we’re offering the software portion of PathPilot as a free upgrade to all of our machine customers. There will be a minimal cost for shipping the necessary DVD and hardware, but there is no license fee for the system.

  7. Can I get PathPilot for my non-Tormach machine?

    PathPilot upgrade kits are intended for Tormach Machine Controllers only. At this time we are not offering PathPilot for use with third party machines, converted mills, or homemade CNC machines.

  8. Can I use the PathPilot Upgrade Kit to convert any PC?

    No. We’re only supporting conversion of Tormach Machine Controllers. Those are the controllers that we have been shipping in recent years. They can be identified by a raised sticker that says, “Tormach Machine Controller”.

  9. What options and accessories are supported in PathPilot?

    PathPilot has everything except CNC scanner. The Duality Lathe is supported, although the user interface for Duality Lathe shows some features that only work on the larger dedicated lathe. These products will be completely supported in future releases.

  10. What are the technical differences between Mach3 and PathPilot?

    There are numerous changes in hardware and software. The best reference for this complicated topic is our white paper on the engineering of PathPilot.

  11. What specific issues does PathPilot resolve relative to the legacy Mach3 control?

    Tormach service bulletin #38 lists quite a number of restrictions and limitations associated with the legacy control of Mach3. It can be found here. None of the limitations listed apply to PathPilot.

  12. Can I revert backwards and go back to Mach3 after I convert?

    Any of the earlier controllers can be converted back with the restore DVD and the Mach3 license DVD. You can confirm this by locating the Microsoft license certificate, a small silver label that says “Windows Standard Embedded”. Controllers without that label are not licensed for the original operating system.

  13. How long will Tormach continue to support Mach3 controllers?

    We will provide technical support for Mach3 for 12 months after our full release of PathPilot, but please recognize that we may be limited in our ability to supply appropriate hardware. The software is not going to change as the authors of Mach3 have not updated it for several years. Computer motherboards that are compatible with Mach3 have been getting very difficult to source.

  14. Will I be able to purchase a Mach3 controller with a new Tormach mill after the PathPilot release?

    After the full product release new Mach3 controllers will only be sold under special circumstances. For example: If you previously purchased a Tormach machine and you don’t want to upgrade controls - and you want another similar Tormach machine for additional manufacturing capabilities - then it makes sense to put off the change as long as possible. We will do what we can to support existing customers but we are subject to the supply limitations of compatible motherboards as previously noted.

  15. What about Mach4?

    Mach4 is the proposed replacement for Mach3. We do not know the status of Mach4 at this time.

  16. Will my CAM systems Mach3 post processor work with PathPilot?

    Yes, it will. PathPilot and Mach3 share the same syntax, with the exception of subroutine programming.

  17. Can a different control program be used?

    PCNC mills can operate with any number of control programs, but we only offer technical support for PathPilot.  Both the Linuxcnc ( and MachineKit ( open source CNC control projects share core motion control code with PathPilot and are alternatives for users who need to highly customize their control systems.  Configurations are available for Mach 3, but not supported, as Mach 3 has several known issues and active development on Mach 3 was ceased in 2012 in anticipation of Mach 4.  FlashCut has retrofitted a control to at least one Tormach mill.

  18. Can I modify the control configuration?

    You are free to “jailbreak” your PCNC. The machine wiring is fully documented. Some PCNC mills have been integrated into larger manufacturing systems while others have been modified to become dedicated work centers for specific products. The combination of configuration control and the machine wiring diagram allows endless modifications. Understandably, our technical support team cannot possibly be equipped to advise and troubleshoot unique control software configurations, nor can we be held liable for consequences of user modifications.  We reserve the right to limit support to user configured systems.

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