Sep 20, 2016

PathPilot™ v1.9.7 Now Available

NOTE: Updates do not need to be applied sequentially. Download the latest software update to be completely up-to-date on PathPilot operating system.


  • #1265: Mill - Conversational: Improved tool path for circular, rectangular profile
  • #1238: Changes to touch off for grooving and parting tool touch off. Previously, tool control point was set to the tailstock side when touching off; now, control point is set to the spindle side. All conversational routines have a tool width entry field to account for the change in control point. This was done in response to many customer requests to make touch off easier on grooving/parting tools.

NOTE: Old G-code conversationally created in versions before PathPilot v1.9.7 will not work with a tool touched off in v1.9.7 and later; new G-code conversationally created in v1.9.7 and all future versions will not work with tools touched off in versions v1.9.5 and earlier. If in doubt, touch off your parting/grooving tool again and repost the parting and grooving code.

Bug Fixes In this version:

  • #1236: RapidTurn - Soft Limit: 770 RT configuration has incorrect soft limit travel setting for lathe Z-axis (mill X-axis)
  • #1231: Mill - Conversational: Spot drill DOC DRO should accept either positive or negative values, then convert them to the value expected by the canned cycle
  • #1238: Lathe/Rapid Turn: Selecting a parting tool on the Offsets tab defaults to tip orientation 1 or 4, but conversational parting routine requires 2 or 3. Workaround: manually edit orientation on Offsets tab.
  • #1237: Mill - Conversational Thread Mill: Internal threads post with bad character on G64 line. Workaround: find G64 line and replace entire line with G64 P0.
  • #1224: Mill - Conversational Thread Mill: Internal diameters with fine pitch (32 or greater) fail to interpolate helix because of G64 blending
  • #1156: Mill - Touch Screen: Soft number pad doesn’t work with drill table on conversational Drill/Tap tab
  • #1223: Mill - Conversational Serial Number Engraving: Spindle RPM of 0 prevents G1 motion if engraving just a serial number
  • #978: Mill - M8 or M9 on the same line as G40 gives error message
  • #840: Mill - Interpreter: G50 and G80 should be allowed on same line

For release notes and more information on this version as well as issue tracking and reporting visit the PathPilot Software Center.

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