M+Servo Upgrade Kit

— Servos Now Available! —

Upgrade your 1100M or 770M today!

Get a little extra giddy-up — a plus, if you will — by adding servo motors to your mill when you step up to an 1100M+ or 770M+.

You’ll experience …

  • Increased rapids
  • Higher velocity: servo motors on the table (X- and Y-axes) and Z-axis drive throughput and give you the speed you desire
  • Easy installation

Ready to plus your machine?

Step 1: Check your control board’s version: you need ECM1v1.5 or later.

To identify your control board, open the electrical cabinet and look at the number as shown in this example. If it’s ECM1v1.4 or earlier, you need the ECM1v1.5 Update Kit.

Step 2: You’re ready to roll. Get your upgrade now!

Get Ready To Swap Your Motors!