Tormach 15L Slant-PRO™ CNC Lathe

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15L Slant-PRO Lathe Packages

Pre-configured packages include everything you need to start turning parts.

Turret Package

A turret system's low-maintenance approach to turning is great for production-level machining, since it combines automation, precision, flexibility, and easier programming.

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Gang Turn Package

A gang system offers the most repeatability, with tools that automatically move along the carriage, making it the go-to option when you're turning small workpieces that require precision.

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Tool Room Package

A Quick Change Tool Post provides versatility and flexibility by allowing manual tool changes, which you can do in seconds with a simple lever crank.

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Build Your Own Packages

Pick and choose only those items you want. This customizable package can be configured to your particular needs.

15L Slant-PRO Lathe CNC Machine

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Education Packages

Turn in the classroom with this specially configured packages, designed for Your education needs.

Education Package

Designed for the unique needs of an education setting. Includes Quick Change Tool Post, Deluxe Tooling Kit, Full Enclosure, and other options.

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Deluxe Education Package

Recommended for post-secondary educational environments, includes Full Enclosure, Automatic Turret, and other advanced options.

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