Tormach 15L Slant-PRO™ CNC Lathe

Low-Cost Options Starting At $11,015

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15L Slant-PRO Lathe Packages

Start turning in your shop with these specially configured low-cost packages designed to meet your needs.

Turret Package

A turret system's low-maintenance approach to turning is great, since it combines automation, precision, flexibility, and easier programming.

Starting At $18,662

Gang Turn Package

A gang system offers the most repeatability, with tools that automatically move along the carriage, making it the low-cost go-to option when you're turning small workpieces that require precision.

Starting At $14,383

Tool Room Package

A Quick Change Tool Post provides versatility and flexibility by allowing manual tool changes, which you can do in seconds with a simple lever crank. Low-cost manual option.

Starting At $14,725

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15L Slant-PRO Lathe CNC Machine

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