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Now offered at Special OEM Pricing for Tormach PCNC Owners

INOVATE™ by IRONCAD™ is an affordable, easy to-use professional CAD system for creating and editing 3D models, and is an ideal 3D design and collaboration tool to take your ideas from concept to production.

INOVATE bridges the gap between overly simplistic basic CAD viewer technology and expensive CAE products developed for multi-seat use in large design organizations. It provides professional 3D design capability at an affordable price point for small shops and design houses.

Based on the award-winning IRONCAD design suite*, INOVATE is the perfect 3D CAD design solution for many small- to mid-size businesses, including:

  • Prototyping
  • R&D
  • Job Shop/Machine Shop/Fab Shop
  • Mass Customization
  • Hobby/Garage Shop
  • Education

Try the Interactive IRONCAD/INOVATE Tutorial Now:

Why Choose INOVATE?

INOVATE is Easy-to-Learn and Easy-to-Use

With INOVATE, you can easily create 3D models with an intuitive 3D drag-and-drop environment for fast, flexible design.

INOVATE has intuitive design tools that accelerate part creation, including:

  • Intellishapes™: Quickly place, design and modify a large library of common design components. Drag and drop holes, bosses, pockets, etc. within a matter of a few mouse clicks.
  • Triball™: Exclusive to IronCAD, the Triball is a powerful and flexible tool for positioning and manipulating all aspects of the 3D modeling environment, including assemblies, components, surfaces, and edges.
  • SmartSnap: Every face and edge of an INOVATE model has intrinsic intelligence relating to endpoints, midpoints, centroids and surface tangents. SmartSnap technology allows you to quickly snap to these points by simply holding shift as you drag the cursor in the modeling space.
  • Direct Face Modeling: Modify any model regardless of design history with Direct Face Modeling.

INOVATE helps you collaborate

INOVATE has the tools you need to share your designs with customers and collaborators:

  • Works with Other Popular CAD Formats: INOVATE also supports a rich set of data translators (IGES, STEP, ACIS, Parasolid, CATIA, Pro/E, STL, more……) that allow it to exchange data with all of the leading CAD and CAM systems. Once in INOVATE, the user can FULLY edit the model data (not just a subset of recognized features) enabling true upstream and downstream design collaboration.
  • Design Conceptualization with Advanced Texture Rendering and Motion Animation: INOVATE features powerful, high-end visualization and animation technologies that allow you to communicate ideas quickly and efficiently. Real-time detail representations such as texture, bump, and decal mapping are fully integrated for fast creation of presentation models for clients, product marketing, etc.

In addition, INOVATE allows models to be set in motion with the addition of SmartMotions™. SmartMotions are pre-created drag and drop key frame animations with editable paths providing truly realistic motion. Once created, the animations can be shared with others as animated files (.GIF or .AVI).

INOVATE is the Easiest way to 3D, with Resources to ensure your success

Your purchase of INOVATE includes:

  • Exclusive Community Forum: Connect with other INOVATE and IronCAD users for support, tips and tricks in this members-only forum
  • Getting Started Guide: Over 300 pages of step-by-step instruction and examples
  • Component Catalog Library: A large selection of commonly used components and shapes for a variety of industries are available for download
  • Video Tutorials: Step-by-step video tutorials demonstrate the how to get started with the most popular features in INOVATE
  • Support and Maintenance2: Two levels of support are available

Leverage your PCNC investment by purchasing INOVATE for Tormach

Tormach has partnered with IRONCAD to provide special OEM discount pricing of INOVATE to PCNC Mill owners.

1Recipient, 2011 Excellent Software Award
2Requires active support contract

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  • Manuals
    09/12/12 - UM10151: IRONCAD/INOVATE Getting Started Guide and User Manual (31857 kb)
    This is the IRONCAD/INOVATE getting started guide and user manual.

  • Datasheets
    09/12/12 - DS10152: IRONCAD/INOVATE Feature List (346 kb)
    Datasheet & Feature List for IRONCAD/INOVATE

  • Technical Documents

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  • Drawings

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