Haimer® 3D Sensors

Haimer® 3D Sensors make it possible to precisely position the spindle axis exactly on the edges of the workpiece allowing for zeros to be set and the length to be measured quickly and easily.

Haimer® 3D Sensors
Replacement Tips
  • Haimer® 3D Sensors

    Haimer sensors are professional quality precision instruments for precise and fast indication of edges, surfaces, or hole centers. These German –made instruments perfect fit for use with Tormach Personal CNC mills or any other CNC or manual milling machine.

    Haimer Zero Masters and Haimer 3D Sensors – Precision 3D Edge Finders

    Considered the ultimate in 3D edge and surface detection, Haimer Zero Masters and 3D sensors (or 3D tasters, as referred to in Germany) can be used to precisely indicate surfaces in X,Y and Z directions. Both inch and metric dial versions are available. Details

    Haimer CENTRO – Precision Coaxial Indicator

    The Haimer CENTRO is a professional quality coaxial indicator for easily and precisely centering the milling machine spindle over holes, bores, shafts and circular bosses. Details

    Haimer Probe Tips and Stylus

    Replacement Haimer probe tips and specialty stylus are available for all Haimer devices that Tormach carries. Details

    TTS holders for Haimer Sensors

    Tormach also offers low-profile TTS holders for Haimer Instruments. These holders can be purchased individually, or in a set that includes the sensor and TTS holder. Details

    About Haimer GmbH

    Haimer is a premier manufacturer of tool holding and 3D sensor products. Haimer was founded over 30 years ago as a family-owned precision manufacturer near Munich, Germany. At Haimer, all products are made in house in Germany. Each year, 10% of revenue goes back into the research and development of our product offering, assuring that Haimer will provide you with the most innovative machining center tooling solutions in the world. Haimer’s motto, “Quality Wins”, and they are dedicated to offering our top-level quality product at a fair price to the end-user.

    Tormach is a proud reseller of Haimer 3D Sensor products, including the Zero Master family of 3D tasters (German for calipers)

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    Haimer Replacement Tips

    Tormach carries both imperial and metic ball replacement tips for the Haimer Zero Master and 3D Sensor. We also offer 2mm and 5mm Straight and Bent Tips for Haimer CENTRO.

    • Haimer Zero Master Edge Finder

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    • How to use the Haimer CENTRO Coaxial Indicator Demonstration

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