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G54 to G59 and G59 P~ - Select Work Offset Coordinate System

To select work offset #1, program: G54 and similarly for the first six offsets. The system-number-G-code pairs are: (1-G54), (2-G55), (3-G56), (4-G57), (5-G58), (6-G59).

To access any of the 254 work offsets (1 - 254) program: G59 P~ where the P word gives the required offset number. Thus G59 P5 is identical in effect to G58.

It is an error if one of these G-codes is used while cutter radius compensation is on.

See relevant chapter for an overview of coordinate systems.

  • G54 Example

    Last Updated Feb 28, 2011
    - Download G54 Code Example   

    (Sample Program G54EX19:)
    (Workpiece Size: X8, Y5, Z2)
    (Tool: Tool #6, 3/4" HSS Drill)
    (Tool Start Position: X0, Y0, Z1)
    (Workpiece Coordinate system 2: X1, Y1, Z0)
    (Workpiece Coordinate system 3: X5, Y1, Z0)

    N2 G90 G80 G40 G54 G20 G17 G50 G94 G64 (safety block)
    N5 G90 G80 G20
    N10 M06 T6 G43 H6
    N15 M03 S1300
    N20 G55 G00 X1.0 Y1.0 (Rapid to X1, Y1 of work coordinate system 2)
    N25 Z0.5
    N30 G82 Z-0.25 R0.125 P1 F5
    N35 Y2
    N40 X2
    N45 Y1
    N50 X1.5 Y1.5
    N60 G80 G00 Z1
    N65 G56 G00 X1.0 Y1.0 (Rapid to X1, Y1 of work coordinate system 3)
    N70 Z0.5
    N75 G82 Z-0.25 R0.125 P1 F5
    N80 Y2
    N85 X2
    N90 Y1
    N95 X1.5 Y1.5
    N100 G80 G00 Z1
    N105 X0 Y0
    N110 M05
    N115 M30

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