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G28 and G30 - Return to Home

A home position is defined (by parameters 5161-5166). The parameter values are in terms of the absolute coordinate system, but are in unspecified length units. To return to home position by way of the programmed position, program: G28 X~ Y~ Z~ A~ (or use G30). All axis words are optional. The path is made by a traverse move from the current position to the programmed position, followed by a traverse move to the home position. If no axis words are programmed, the intermediate point is the current point, only one move is made.


  • G28 Example

    Last Updated Feb 28, 2011
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    (Sample Program G28EX111:)
    (Workpiece Size: X4, Y4, Z1)
    (Tools: Tool #7, 1" Slot Drill)
    (Tool #10, 1/2" HSS Drill)
    (Tool Start Position: X0, Y0, Z1)
    (Reference Point: X0, Y0, Z5 )

    N2 G90 G80 G40 G54 G20 G17 G50 G94 G64 (safety block)
    N5 G90 G20
    N10 M06 T7 G43 H7
    N12 M03 S1000
    N15 G00 X4.75 Y2
    N17 Z0.1
    N20 G01 Z-0.5 F5
    N25 G01 X2 F10
    N30 G00 Z0.25
    N35 G28 X0 Y2.5 Z1 (Return to reference via X0,Y2.5,Z1)
    N40 M06 T10 G43 H10
    N45 M03 S2000
    N50 G00 X2 Y2
    N52 Z.5
    N55 G01 Z-1.25 F5
    N60 G00 Z1
    N65 X0 Y0
    N70 M05
    N75 M30

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