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Learning a CAM system can be an arduous task, but with Tormach’s CAM Services, you can put your apprehensions aside. Our CAM experts offer an array of programming know-how on everything from work piece setup to 4th axis programming.

We already offer a CNC Fundamentals Workshop and a series of step-by-step videos to help you get started, but if you’re running into roadblocks with your CAM work, we’re here to help.

Our CAM Services allow you to get specific questions answered, and even (virtual) hands-on assistance when programming parts in CAM.

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Through these services, you can share screens with our experts as they walk you through programming your part, or you can share your screen with them to figure out where you might be going wrong.

Tormach CAM Services are prepaid via our website at $120 an hour, for a minimum of two hours.

Our workshops, tutorials, and services are in continual development to be sure we bring you the highest quality resources and learning tools.