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The Tormach PSG 612 personal surface grinder is a new concept for the small metal shop. This compact 2-axis automatic surface grinder utilizes a simple and intuitive operator interface with 4 selectable pattern modes to help automate repetitive surface grinding tasks without taking up precious shop space.

Package Includes: Surface Grinder and Magnetic Chuck

Standard Package Price: $5,095.00

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PSG 612 grinder


The Tormach PSG 612 is designed as an economical solution to automate repetitive surface grinding tasks in the small shop. It features automated longitudinal and cross feed with 4 selectable grinding patterns, making it a perfect choice for delivering consistent results for small batch surface grinding operations.

PSG 612 grinder

Tormach PSG 612 Advantages


Each PSG 612 is engineered for a lifetime of worry-free operation. The rigid cast iron frame features a stout column that resists wheel deflection. Slide ways are hand scraped dovetails with taper gib adjustments, and each sliding surface is bonded with a low friction PTFE-filled acetyl co-polymer, similar to Turcite® or Rulon®. A single shot lubrication system distributes oil to all key surfaces with one pull.


Like all Tormach products, the PSG is backed with a standard 12 month warranty and our industry-best technical support. With a space-saving footprint, simple operator’s interface, and robust electronics, the Tormach PSG 612 is ready to take on your next short run or small batch surface grinding job today.

PSG 612 grinder


Learn more about the engineering behind Tormach PSG612 Personal Surface Grinder by reading the following documentation: ED10188: Tormach PSG 612 Design Analysis or UM10159: PSG612 Operators Manual

Technical Specifications

Table Size: 6″ x 12″

Table Slots: 1 T-Slot: 1/2″ x 15-1/2″

Travel:  18″ 13.5″ x 8″ x 9″ (X,Y,Z)

Longitudinal (X) Max Travel: 13-7/8″

Crossfeed (Y) Max Travel: 8-1/4″

Min/Max Distance to Spindle Center from Table: 3″/12″

Max Working Height: 8 3/4″

Elevation (Z) Graduation: 0.001″

Floor to Table Height: 40″

Space Required for Full Range of Motion: 51″W x 66″H x 30″D

Stand Footprint: 24″ x 24″

Shipping Weight: 720 lbs

Machine Weight: 400 lbs

Crate Dimensions: 43-1/2″W x 66″H x 30″D

Max Workpiece : 400 lbs Maximum

Power Requirements: Single Phase, 115VAC 50/60Hz. 8A Peak / 4A Continuous. 15A Breaker recommended.

Frame and Table:  Cast iron frame and table, with hand scraped hydrodynamic dovetail slideways and tapered adjustment gibs

Way Surfaces:  Low friction PTFE-filled Acetyl bonded sliding surface. Similar to Rulon® and Turcite®

Spindle Motor: Industrial Grade 3/4HP TEFC Single Phase Induction Motor. 115 VAC, 60 Hz. 7A Peak Current.

Wheel Size: 7″ x 1-1/4″ x 1/2″

Wheel Speed: 3450 RPM (@ 60 Hz), providing 6300 SFM (with 7″ Wheel)

Feed Rate:

  • 0-45 FPM (X)
  • 0-24 FPM (Y)

Axis Drives (X,Y): High Performance Stepper
Motors with Leadshine® Microstepping

  • Longitudinal (X): Rack and Pinion (automatic)
  • Crossfeed (Y): Leadscrew w/ anti-backlash nut (manual or Automatic)
  • Vertical (Z): Leadscrew w/ anti-backlash nut (manual)

Operator Console:

  • Wheel On/Off
  • Automatic Mode Select (4 modes)
  • Longitudinal (X) and Crossfeed (Y) speed control
  • Power On
  • E-Stop

Paint: 2-Part Copolymer enamel: Cross-linked Acrylic / modified amino resin

Stand: Heavy Gauge Sheet Metal with Storage Cabinet and Adjustable Foot pads

Lubrication: Single Shot Distribution, 5 Points. Optional Automatic Oiler available.


WAB/AZ Grinding Wheels

WAB (AZ) grinding wheels are a good choice for general purpose surface grinding of hardened or high speed steels. They have a cool, fast cutting action and require minimal dressing.

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