Upgrading your PCNC 1100: Now with Graphics

Whether you’re considering buying a Tormach mill, or have recently purchased one, it’s reassuring to know that your investment will be supported.  For some companies, support simply means stocking parts for the older machines. At Tormach our engineers expand on this concept in a couple of different ways.

First, we do everything we can to make newly developed options and accessories compatible with earlier machines.  An example of this is the Automatic Tool Changer, an option that can be added to all PCNC 1100 mills all the way back to serial number 1 (available for all PCNC 770 models early in 2012). Second, we develop upgrade kits that allow people to bring their older machine up to our latest machine technology.  Since the initial release of the PCNC 1100, there have been two major generational changes and more than 250 incremental changes.  The upgrade kits provide a path for bringing latest performance level to the earliest of the machines, including all major changes and many of the smaller incremental improvements as well.

Upgrades and Options:

In order to determine what’s available for your older machine, we’ve put together an interactive upgrade chart for each of the 1100 machine series numbers (the 770 upgrade chart will come in the near future).  Just select the tab of your current machine in the chart and a list of the all the standard series 3 options will be displayed with detailed information on the improvements. Also listed are all the available options to extend the mills capabilities even further. In some cases you may need to know your machine serial number that is displayed on the right side of the electrical cabinet.



Replacement parts have always been available to our customer base.  Our support policy remains consistent and we inventory replacement parts all the way back to serial number 1. The gateway to replacement parts is available online.  Documentation is also online for every machine, starting here. You can download manuals to find updated versions, or order a new printed copy of your machine manual from the online store.  With a full compliment of replacement parts, not everything is visible for browsing on the web, but you can still order online if you know the part number, and we’ve got a complete listing of part numbers in the machine exploded views in the back of each product manual.

Whether you want to keep your PCNC mill up and running or upgrade to higher performance levels, we’re here for you, protecting your investment and keeping your shop productive (just like we always have).

-Greg Jackson, President

Greg Jackson


After nearly three decades of machine design, research, and development, Greg Jackson founded Tormach LLC, a premier manufacturer of affordable CNC mills and accessories. Since its inception in 2002, Tormach has grown from a garage business to a global operation based out of Waunakee, Wisconsin. Jackson holds both a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and has been awarded 4 US patents.

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  1. You guys rock. This is one of the reasons I love your product. Support and backwards compatibility!