The Speeder: an update

Its been a bit since we last heard from the Speeder. To Recap: Its a 3x RPM multiplier that attaches to the spindle of your PCNC mill. It lets you achieve higher RPMs at the cost of torque at the tool. Its really handy if for finishing operations because the extra RPMs let you spin small carbide mills at the speeds and feeds they are designed for and a reduction in torque can be tolerated without ill effect.

This is a short clip of the “24 hour” test we completed earlier this month. The program dry cut continuously with a 3/16″ TiCN coated Carbide ball end mill for 24 hours, making 18 identical parts. There was no visible differences in the first to the last, so we were very happy with the results.

Here’s a picture of the tool afterwards under a microscope. Virtually zero wear, which is what you’d expect when you are able to run carbide at its recommmended feeds/speeds. The dust is aluminum from the workpiece, but the edge remains sharp.


Many of you have been asking about the project and we’ll do a more in-depth design review shortly in an upcoming post. As of right now, we’re expecting availability for purchase in mid-summer.

If you want to see it before then, we will have the Speeder on demo at the Digital Machinist CNC Workshop in June.
Speaking of the CNC Workshop: In conjunction with that event on Thursday June 24, from 6-8 PM we will be holding a Tormach Owners’ Group (T.O.G.) meeting at the Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor Michigan. If you’re going to the workshop or in the Ann Arbor area, please be our guest to come hang out for the evening, meet up with other PCNC owners, and have a great time talking shop. We’ll also plan to do a recap of our “Machine Tool Building in China” presentation with some cool movies like this one from the foundry during our engineering trip to China last month.

There is no registration fee, just RSVP. We’ll also will have some swag to hand out (hint, hint).

T.O.G. Meeting
Thurday June 24
Arbor Brewing Company
Ann Arbor, MI

Light refreshments and appetizers provided. RSVP requested, hope to see you there!

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