CAD/CAM Workstation

Tormach is now offering engineering workstations for CAD and CAM work.  The computer workstations are the same as our engineers and technicians use in house, so we can assure compatibility with the software we use which includes Solidworks, IronCAD, SprutCAM, and a few others.


We get a lot of questions about what the computer requirements are for CAD or CAM work.  It’s a difficult question to answer.  On one hand, the software developers will often state minimum specifications pretty low in order to sell their software.  On the other hand, you don’t want to buy more computer than you need. The reality of the situation is that more complex CAD models and complicated CAM work can require more than the minimum, so there’s no simple answer.  One thing we know for sure: it’s frustrating to learn the software on simple designs and then have it balk when your design work starts getting more sophisticated, evolving with more complicated geometry.  What’s worse is that it’s not always about megahertz, gigabytes, operating system, and CPU models.  CAD and CAM software can also have some very unique and troubling relationships with specific hardware, like working fine with a certain model motherboard or video card, but not with some others.

These issues are what lead us to offering the workstations.  If you need computer for your CAD/CAM workstation, our lowest risk suggestions are as follows:

  1. Buy a new workstation from us based on our tested configuration. Click here to see the product page on
  2. If you prefer a custom built computer, connect with our friends at CPU Solutions to configure your own workstation using the Tormach configuration as a foundation.
  3. Procure or build your own computer using the Tormach workstation configuration as a guideline for the build.

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    May 15, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    I am currently running onecnc. Would I be able to load this one the machine while using it as a machine controller? Ideally to have the machine controller hold all my work programs would be best so I’m not transferring programs back and forth.


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