Milling Around is a place for discussion about CNC and related topics in what we call “personal manufacturing” . Our mission statement at Tormach is enabling your ideas and an important part of that is creating resources and support to help our customers get the most out of their tools. Within Milling Around, I think we can share a lot of cool things that don’t have an obvious home on either our website or the two excellent independent user communities, CNCZone and the Tormach Yahoo Group.

I’m proposing three missions for our blog:

1. Sharing product development. We spend a lot of time here on product development. What actually gets out on tormach.com and for sale to our customers is a small percentage. Most ideas end up in the scrap pile for whatever reason – too expensive, not practical, etc. But it’s always interesting, and always educational. We’re also hoping that opening up this discussion to the public will help us put out even better products in the future.

2. Getting the word out about our great customers. I’m always surprised with how customers end up using their PCNCs. We have hundreds of great stories from hobbyists, small businesses, educators, etc. We’ll plan to share them here as we get them. If you’ve got a project or story to share with us, send it along to info@tormach.com.

3. Discussion on CNC and Machining topics. Our focus on tech support means we field a lot of questions from machinists, both beginning and experienced alike. Its surprising how little is on the web for beginners. Likewise, we’ve learned a thing or too from the pros as well. We’re going to post tips and tricks on here periodically – think of it as a clearinghouse for some good ideas we hear.

Please feel free to join the discussion here. Keep in mind that discussion about specific technical support or sales questions is handled, as always, through info@tormach.com.

I’ll be posting once per week, and more than that when things are interesting. We’ve got a few surprises planned in the upcoming months, so stayed tuned. Thanks for reading!


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