Leave it to Tormach to develop an automatic bandsaw so affordable,
you might start to wonder if it’s really an automatic bandsaw.

Secure your AF50 Autofeed Bandsaw today.

Priced under $5,500.


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Never worry about babysitting a bandsaw again.

If you own a manual or semi-automatic bandsaw, the AF50 Automatic Feed bandsaw from Tormach will change how you work. Since it’s programmable, you can liberate yourself for more productive things while it’s plowing through uncut stock.

The AF50 Automatic Feed bandsaw lets you set up those tedious, time-consuming manual cuts and walk away. Feel free to work on your business or finalize those designs.

AF50 Autofeed Bandsaw - Never Babysit a Saw Again
AF50 Autofeed Bandsaw - Never Babysit a Saw Again

An auto bandsaw that pays for itself – even faster!

All automatic bandsaws pay for themselves over time by increasing productivity. The AF50 is budget friendly, priced under $5,500, so you can afford it now and start making unsupervised cuts sooner.

You won’t have inventory issues with ‘Friday cuts’ that some manual shops experience. And if you’ve been buying your stock pre-cut, the payback will be especially noticeable.

Engineered and supported in the usa.

Why You Need an AF50 Bandsaw

Isn’t Prepped Stock Something You’d Love to Take for Granted?

With a pneumatic clamping system with adjustable soft squeeze, you’ll be able to cut anything from delicate thin-walled tubing all the way to 7-inch steel round bars. Your cuts will be precise and accurate, every time.

A built-in BFF for your mills and lathes.

The whole point of pre-cut stock is to set your machines up for success. The AF50 plays well with your mills and lathes because they’re ready to pound on its finished stock. Who doesn’t like a work buddy? Get one for your shop today!

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You Won’t Be Disappointed.

Technical Specifications

Table Height: 21.75 in 552 mm
Length: 50 in 1270 mm
Width: 36 in 914 mm
Height with Saw at Rest: 36 in 914 mm
Height with Saw Vertical: 67 in 1702 mm
Motor Power: 1 hp 0.75 kW
Primary Power: 115 Vac, 50/60 Hz, Single-Phase
Required Circuit Amperage: 15A
Compressed Air Source: 90 psi to 120 psi (620 kPa to 827 kPa)
Capacity: 7 in (178 mm) Round 6 in x 8 in (152 mm x 203 mm) Flat at 90°
Blade Speed: 135-161-226-394 FPM (@ 60 hz) 41-49-69-120 MPM (@ 60 hz)
Blade Size: 93 in x 0.75 in x 0.035 in 2362 mm x 19 mm x 0.9 mm
  • Pneumatic Clamping System
  • Hydraulic Feed Control
  • Programmable Automatic Workpiece Positioning
    • Cut lengths between 0.157 in – 50 in (4 mm – 1270 mm)
    • Up to 10 in (254 mm) per stroke
    • Maximum 5 strokes per part
    • Maximum 999 parts per program
    • Part countdown display
  • Integrated Coolant System — 2.3 gallon (8.7 L) capacity
  • Portable
  • 4 Blade Speeds
  • Blade Tensioning System
  • Recycles Coolant