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Tormach will be closed Monday, May 28, 2018 for the Memorial Day Holiday.

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How the Tormach Tooling System® Works

The Tormach Tooling System is important because it provides Tormach users (as well as users of Bridgeport mills and clones) with quick-change precision, reduced clearance, and offline tool measurement at an affordable price.

About the Tormach Tooling System

Genuine Tormach Tooling System® toolholders and accessories are the benchmark in affordable quick-change tooling for small milling machines employing R8 or MT3 spindle tapers. The dual-contact geometry of TTS ensures Z-height repeatability and increases tool rigidity over traditional collet and toolholding systems.

TTS is compatible with PCNC mills, as well as most Bridgeport mills and clones. Each TTS product has been exclusively engineered and designed by Tormach and is subject to a comprehensive QA audit at the factory. Look for the Genuine Tormach TTS label to ensure quality and avoid careless imitations.

How does TTS work?

The TTS shoulder is undercut so it contacts the spindle itself, not the end of the collet. As the drawbar is tightened the collet will simultaneously squeeze the shank and move upward into the spindle taper. It is this simultaneous action, grasping while moving up, that pulls the toolholder tightly against the spindle face. The high pressure contact between the shoulder of the toolholder and the spindle is the equivalent of a zero tolerance fit; the vertical location of the tool is exact. The initial placement, created by simply sliding the toolholder up until it stops, is normally within a few thousandths of an inch. The final location, after tightening the collet, is exact, highly repeatable, and not affected by the variable tension of the drawbar or wear on the collet. And what’s more, the zero tolerance fit in combination with the wide base of the shoulder provides a significant increase in toolholder rigidity.

Benefits for both CNC and Manual Mills

DUAL CONTACT GEOMETRY The Dual Contact Geometry on TTS offers technical advantages normally only seen on high end machining spindles (HSK, BIG-PLUS®, and others)*. TTS tool holders reference both the spindle taper and the spindle face. The unique shape provides a wider base, giving the tool holder a more rigid connection to the machine spindle.

*HSK is a European standard, defined by DIN69893. BIG-PLUS is a registered trademark of Big Kaiser.

Tormach Tooling System Documents