CNC Programming
  • How to choose the best CNC programming software for your PCNC mill.

    While CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software is not necessary to run a Tormach PCNC, it will greatly expand what you can do with a CNC mill. PCNC mills will work with any CAD/CAM system that can output industry standard G-code; however, gracefully machined curves and contoured surfaces are essentially impossible to program without the aid of a capable CAD/CAM system.

    Choosing a CAD/CAM system can be overwhelming if you are new to these types of software programs. Tormach is a proud reseller of several CAD/CAM software products that we think are well-matched for use with a PCNC mill:

    • IronCAD – The fastest way to 3D.* IronCAD's unique design interface makes it easy to create 3D models quickly and easily.
    • SprutCAM – Serious CAM, Exceptional Value.* SprutCAM is an affordable full-featured CAM program for professional shops that offers over 30 programming strategies. Hundreds of options are available for complete tool path control.

    *Special Pricing Available for Tormach PCNC Owners

    Beyond the products listed above, Tormach PCNC mills can work with virtually any CAD/CAM system. Whether you choose one of our CAD/CAM offerings or not, it is important to choose software that will meet your needs in regards to functionality, affordability, and usability.

    Still need help?

    Get personalized advice from a Tormach Technical Specialist on choosing the right CAM/CAM software for your PCNC mill.

    If you have questions about selecting the best CAD/CAM system, take a look at our CAD/CAM Whitepaper. If you still have questions, please call Tormach and speak to one of our Technical Specialists. Our objective is not to sell you something, but rather to help you get the most out of your PCNC mill.

    Statement on Manufacturer's Offers

    Tormach is a fully-authorized distributor for all software we sell. While we cannot update our web site with every promotion, we do guarantee that any promotional bonus or discount offered by a software manufacturer will be identical when purchased through Tormach. Please contact us for details.

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